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BMW To Host The First European MOBI Conference As Blockchain And Automotive Industry Look To Merge

BMW To Host The First European MOBI Conference

MOBI, short for the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative is an endeavor launched by 30 members including the likes of BMW, General Motors, Ford, Renault, Bosch, Blockchain at Berkeley, Hyperledger and many others. Its goal is to further understand the usefulness of blockchain technology within the automotive industry.

According to Forbes – who has also reported on this matter – BMW has hosted the first MOBI Conference at its Group IT Centre in Munich, Germany. The two-day conference invites MOBI’s members to share their knowledge on all matters blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) and how they can be incorporated within automobiles across the world (

BMW Group’s Blockchain and DLT Head, Andre Luckow argues that blockchain’s notion of decentralization is surely to be accepted by consumers who value data-privacy. He also noted that more emphasis will be placed on “standards” during the first event. In his view, “common, open standards and ecosystems are the only way to speed up the development and adoption of blockchain systems,” quotes Ledger Insights (

In relation to blockchain technology, Luckow believes it has a “real opportunity and will eventually break up the established, centralized market by making it possible to create more decentralized platforms and so give consumers more control over their data.”

As for players within the automotive industry, BMW has supposedly been diving into blockchain technology. They have since used its likes to assess ethically-sourced cobalt, while reviewing its uses for tracking mileage via its program called, “the VerifyCar app”, reports Forbes.

Besides the VerifyCar app, BMW has also supposedly conducted a proof-of-concept and a pilot at its Spartanburg plant in the US – an endeavor that is assumed to run all year-round reports Ledger Insights.

Despite the fact that hype surrounding blockchain has started to fade, certain industries are still watchful, and this is clearly within the automotive space. What are your thoughts on blockchain and automobiles? Do you think there’s a positive correlation present? Let us know in the comments below.



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