New Integration for Ethereum Blockchain Planned for Bodhi Prediction Market App & BOE Token Creation

Bodhi recently received public attention for their release of the Bodhi Prediction Market platform, which can be found on the Qtum mainnet as an app. As a follow-up to that change, Bodhi has decided to expand the reach of the DApp (Decentralized App) to support Ethereum exchanges and coins as well. With this change, Bodhi has access to more users, which makes it easier to get an accurate result for their predictions. The Qtum mainnet alone was release two months before the original time, giving them confidence for taking their platform through this change.

To make the transition as seamless as possible, there will be a new token that integrates both Bodhi and Ethereum called BOE (Bodhi on Ethereum). This BOE token is entirely based on the current standards for the Ethereum ERC20 token model, and there will be a total supply of 100 million, just like the current Bodhi Token (BOT). Other exchanges that will be involved include, Bibox, Allcoin, LBank, and BigOne.

Current BOT holders will still have their tokens honored at a 1:1 ratio, distributing the BOE token with a free airdrop. The only way to receive this airdrop will be to deposit BOT with one of the exchanges above before May 31st. By June 1st, all of the participating BOT users will be credited. Since this token is meant for the purpose of utility only, there are not any promotions or ICOs available to raise funds.

Since the Bodhi Foundation presently holds 40% of the total supply of BOT, they will receive the equivalent portion of BOE tokens. To maintain transparency in their actions, the platform plans to release the wallet information for both BOT and BOE tokens in their possession. There will be a whitepaper established to clarify any other changes in the way that the platform functions.

Once all of the exchanges and airdrops have been made, BOE will be available for public trading.

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