Mr. Lee Bin, the founder of Nirvana Fitness & Spa in association with InterValue and DHZ just recently launched BodyOne: the first blockchain fitness ecological network in Beijing City, China.

What Is BodyOne?

As the world's first blockchain fitness ecology, BodyOne uses blockchain technology to realize resource integration, data integration and realization of the data value in the fitness industry. They aim to monetize your passion with sweat, which is the core of BodyOne fitness application. Taking the blockchain Spinning cycle with the smart chip as the starting point, through intelligent contract and data models, the calories generated by the users’ exercises are directly converted into the Tokens of the BodyOne platform.

How BodyOne Blockchain Fitness & Spinning Bike Network Works

To ensure the quality of the blockchain mining hardware, Lee Bin worked with DHZ, an aircraft-carrier tier manufacturer of fitness equipment in China. DHZ, when its own orders are in short supply, sends out a special design and development team with industry fitness technical experts, connecting with American designers, connecting with the BodyOne team, and arranging the stress testing of the equipment. Everything is new and the whole team is excited about it. DHZ launched BodyOne as the key project in two times of Chinafit Exhibition in Shanghai.

The BodyOne Ecology is made up of users, fitness equipment providers, fitness service providers, coaches and other participants in the industry. The data generated by the behavior of each node in the ecosystem will realize the value interconnection and additional reward of data through blockchain technology. The Token generated by the platform ecology rewards the active participation of users and service providers, and encourages all parties in the joint node with Token, and allocates 80% of the platform's revenue to each user of the platform in a currency-sharing mode, thereby attracting everyone.

BodyOne BODY Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: BODY
  • Token Sale Date: Present – 08/18/18
  • Total Supply: 10 Billion
  • Token Standard: ERC20

BodyOne Conclusion

The program has attracted ten million-level cornerstone investment, which is led by senior investment institutions in the blockchain including Acapital, Achain, Btcdo, Rootscap, Huoxing 24 and followed by many angel investors. As a pioneer in the traditional fitness industry, Lee Bin is confident that the project will be the future of fitness.

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