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The rise of blockchain technology is a significant reason why the talk of gamification of the healthcare world is gaining traction and useful recognition. The thought of a secure channel dedicated to the interest of healthy behaviors may seem an idea far-fetched, but the truth is that it is already possible.

Bolttcoin is an excellent sample of blockchain-based gamification that will enable users to present health data and in return potentially earn from their efforts. The platform's ICO will aim to become a landmark venture for rewarding users achieving personal health advancement and revolutionize the healthcare world. Here's more on how Bolttcoin could change the aspects of healthcare gamification

What Is Boltt Coin? is an online blockchain-based Social Health Gamification Platform that will aim to create a virtual community of participants in the healthcare sector. Additionally, the platform will provide for wearable tech devices for the healthcare market to utilize and incentivize users who want to stay fit and in return get rewards for it. In essence, BolltCoin will work to motivate people in such of ways to drive themselves regarding health growth

What Makes Up The Health Gamification Platform?

  • Bolttcoin Marketplace- Customers will look for essential healthcare-related goods and services form where they can pay using the platform's native token, Bolttcoin (BOLTT)
  • Health Services- BolttCoin also avails for potential critical health services at a discount
  • BolttCoin wallet- as a provision for the payment services, there is a multi-signature wallet to store the user's fiat and crypto funds
  • Tournaments and Games-participants get to take part in healthcare games and sports and earn BolttCoin
  • Exchange points- to provide for the liquidity of the cryptocurrencies, Boltt delivers reliable exchange portals for conversion of Bolttcoin.

How Boltt Coin Blockchain Social Activity Digital Health Coin Works

BolttCoin utilizes blockchain technology for the gamification ability. Users can earn the tokens from completing the set health challenges and step betting on the data. Additionally, the holders will use the tokens to pay for transactions, products and services within the decentralized ecosystem.

Boltt Coin Benefits

  • Get rewards in the form of BolttCoin by achieving personal health goals and through the social gamification of the health data.
  • Potential colossal demand-there is an inherent appeal to combining healthcare to blockchain and BolttCoin offers a possible use case for BolttCoin demand
  • Dual blockchain-the dual blockchain protocol allows for BolttCoin users to take advantage of using both Ethereum and Waves-based tokens

Boltt Coin BOLTT Token ICO Details

Bolttcoin will have a supply sale of 1 billion from where the crowd sale will make up 50% of the tokens. The Crowd Sale is set to start off from May 20, 2018, till June 20, 2018.

Token Details

  • Symbol- BOLTT
  • Sale supply- 500 million BOLTT
  • Exchange rate- 1 ETH= 4000 BOLTT, 1 BTC=70,000 BOLTT
  • Minimum investment- 1 BTC/ETH/LTC

ICO Token Distribution

  • ICO-43%
  • Bonus program-3%
  • Founding team-10%
  • Advisors-3%
  • Strategic partners-3%
  • Steps mining-15%
  • Bounty Programme-1%
  • Cooperate issuance-15%
  • Pre-ICO-7%

Boltt Coin Verdict

There are plenty of advantages that are portraying the potential of healthcare gamification and BolttCoin is a simplistic version of the possibilities of the technology. However, a consistent theme always rings around such ventures as the topic is still under more research about the pros and cons of healthcare gamification and its ability to affect health outcomes.

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