It is apparent that there needs to be an extensive assessment of the trends both good and bad that ultimately affect the future of film business. Where have we come from, what we are doing today and where we will likely be in the next one year or beyond. The latest trend is the utilization of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. While most might wonder how this takes place, blockchain technology is having a significant impact on our content creation and ultimately this affects films and video industry. As such, there are always blockchain-based ventures which support the content industry. Here a review of one investment that is set to impact on how we understand and transfer our content.

What Is Bond Film?

Bond Film platform is a blockchain concept that plans to assist in the streaming, investing and revenue distribution regarding content. The idea is to utilize blockchain technology that will have users create new content, support their favorite creators, curate content and overall partake in the development of the Film and Media economy. With their new economic model, Bond Film platform will set to not only revolutionize the film industry but outright replace our traditional systems which are proving inefficient in tackling matters of safety and convenience

Bond Film Blockchain Film & Video Platform Structure

Bonds act as a single platform although it does provide two services in one. First off, is the subscription-based video streamer services and a crowd investing platform.

The streaming service entails users get to watch or like content, and the author receives a reward of the viewing fee gained by the platform.

The content authors can publish their content proposal and gain investment funding from crowd investors. The plans only go through if the project involves itself in any scientific plots, documentary series or content that users would like to see.

If an investor is helping in funding the content production, the author receives a corresponding percentage of the total revenues

Why Should You Choose Bond Film?

  • Promotion tools- the platform offer a variety of promotion tools to help authors grow their customers and content investors
  • Investments under one roof- all services are under one platform, and the user can also become an investor if he wishes so
  • Fair revenue distribution- all proceeds from the video views or investment shares will undergo a fair distribution model for all authors and token holders to enjoy.
  • All-in-one platform- both the streaming and crowd investing work in tandem to ensure efficient distribution and funding of the content for the creators and users
  • Faster, secure and transparent transactions- using the BOND token powers the platform to allow for operations to occur seamlessly and safely.
  • Filtering of the content- users and investors will only get to see projects they like and invest.

Bond Film BFP ICO Details

Bond Film launching an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in April 2018. They will issue their BFP tokens which are based on the ER20 blockchain. You can invest in this crypto coin with Ethereum.

Is Bond Film Worth It?

With the business models shifting due to blockchain technology, the film and video industry is bound to experience this revolutionary aspect. Such is the case with Bond Film platform’s venture that aims to help how we connect in the film industry. However, I do foresee a downside with the whole project. While it may not seem essential, the success of Bond Film platform will depend on the adoption of the idea among writers, directors, producers and other content creators, which is yet to happen.

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