Have you ever heard of Boocash? Today we are going to review this new company on our blog.

What Is Boocash?

Boocash is a new online hotel booking company build on the Ethereum blockchain. It is one of the first decentralized platforms to use cryptocurrency as a way to pay for booking and reservations in homes and hotels all over the world.

This company was created by a team of people with years of experience in the hotel market that worked together with cryptocurrency experts to bring to its customers an interesting new company.

How Boocash Booking Hotels Worldwide Using Cryptocurrency Works

Basically, you can use the Ethereum blockchain to book hotels all over the world using smart contracts. This means that you will be able to book hotels with more transparency and security using cryptocurrency.

The system will not be fully controlled by a person or an organization because of its decentralization and will have a transparent governance which will be based on the idea that the company has to achieve results and be constantly improved.

How To Invest In Boocash BOO ICO Details

If you want to invest in this new start-up company, the way to go is to acquire Boocash tokens during the upcoming Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The pre-sale started on February 27 and it will last until March 27, when the main sale will start and last another month.

With 1 ETH you will be able to acquire 1,800 BOO tokens, but you have to buy at least 500 BOO tokens if you want to participate in the sale. The hard cap of the sale is 25,343 ETH and 50,000,000 BOO tokens will be on sale during the ICO.

Boocash Verdict

Is this company a good investment? We have our doubts, but let’s see all the points involved in investing in Boocash. The company actually has a pretty good idea, to create a booking service using smart contracts and cryptocurrency. The blockchain technology is a great tool for this kind of company, so you can consider this to be a good indication that this company might be a good investment.

On the other hand, the sale of Boocash tokens has already started and the site of the company is actually pretty lame. It does not have features like a proper FAQ (even if it has a FAQ page. It is empty). Because of issues like these ones you have to ask yourself about how concerned and responsible is this company. Also, it does not feature much information about the company at all.

We do not necessarily advise you to invest in Boocash, but the idea of the company is not necessarily bad, so you can do it if you want to. Because of this, know that the choice is up to you, just try to learn as much as possible about this company before you actually invest your money in this company.


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