BookiePro Announces Massive World Cup Prize Pot

Sports betting on the blockchain continues to gain interest within the cryptocurrency community. The use of decentralized ledgers to facilitate gambling actions has great potential. In addition to naturally keeping the process out of the hands of a central power, the development of smart contract technology has done more than ever before to facilitate unique randomized contracts that automatically take certain actions when certain conditions are fulfilled.

One of the most significant companies offering this application of the technology goes by the name of Bookie Pro. The site is referred to as the first “provably fair” sports betting exchange, and it offers a set of unique innovations for investors and betters alike. People are able to bet on current sporting events, and many betters have walked away from the site with significant amounts of cryptocurrencies.

One of the main reasons for the creation of the decentralized technology was that the company feels that frustrations on current betting exchanges are all too prevalent. Current exchanges are rife with unfair betting rules, ridiculous price gouges on bets, and limits on withdrawals.

Provable fairness is one aspect of the company’s framework which seeks to change some of the mathematical issues preventing true fairness in the traditional betting model. The fairness model operates off of the decentralized framework, which means that no central authority maintains control of the site, or of the bets which can be placed on its server. The market, as well as probability, determines how the bets placed will turn out.

BookiePro Introduction

BookiePro does not operate off of any existing currency. Instead, the website uses its own currency, known as BitFun tokens. But the eventual draw for many competitors is that the competitions hosted on the site translate into actual winnings in the form of real prizes. For example, prizes in the high numbers of Bitcoin are projected for future competitions.

BookiePro World Cup Competition

The exchange is relatively new, just now having come online in its public beta form. Users who join the site are able to receive a free 10 BitFun tokens, after which point they are able to wager their free tokens in a variety of ways, and using some of the many competitions offered by BookiePro.

The 2018 World Cup is likely the perfect opportunity for the PR team behind the site to stir up public interest and participation. The prize pool for the competition is an unprecedented five Bitcoins, a prize amount which is relatively unheard of, especially within the new Bitcoin betting market.

So far, it is unclear what the exact rules behind the competition may be. It could be based on a learderboard, which would be consistent with some of the other competition and ideas outlined by the company’s professional staff. However, the team could also be planning an entirely new format for this unique competition.

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