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About Boolean BOOL

During the 2016 United States Federal Election a new term was coined…’fake news’. It was during this tumultuous time that news became the news and consumers were often misinformed and/or misled by what they were hearing, seeing or reading. Widespread public concern led to the creation of Boolean, a platform whereby consumers can be given the tools to decipher the accuracy of the information being provided.

Booleancoin’s platform acts as a guiding light within the public eye. Giving users information on what is most accurate, based on the prevailing sentiment of its users and the way their votes land, in concert with the power of Machine Learning.

In computer science, the Boolean data type is a data type, having two values (usually denoted true and false), intended to represent the truth values of logic and Boolean algebra. It is named after George Boole, who first defined an algebraic system of logic in the mid-9th century.

Boolean aims to stop fake news and misinformation across all media outlets, both mainstream and niche markets.   This real-time feedback will be provided through mobile applications, browsers, plug-ins and web applications.

A series of AI-Powered Web Crawlers to gather, curate and measure different aspects of news, with an emphasis on news that is going viral will be employed. The ultimate goal is for users to be armed while they consume their news (Boolean applications matching content they are in the process of consuming with existing analysis of content that is similar/the same). Consumers are equipped with the tools to identify fake news thereby increasing the efficacy of everyday people in the skills of critical thinking/analysis and fact checking.

Utilizing the Ethereum Blockchain’s Transparency and Permanency, Boolean is a platform being created by GainingSteem.Com  to end Fake News.  Boolean will provide real-time feedback to users as  they consume News on Social Media, News Sites, Blogging Sites (steemit  included), YouTube, etc.!

This will happen during their consumption, to prevent Confirmation Bias (the tendency of a person to disregard information that conflicts with their existing world view and to absorb that which supports it) and to promote a clearer understanding of topics and issues that they read.

Boolean will counter many of the  problems faced by News Consumers on sites like Facebook and Twitter, including Machine Learning problems that lead to users only receiving information that supports/doesn't conflict with their pre-existing ideas.  The use cases are endless, from keeping voters informed to providing a tool set to investors to have a more informed opinion regarding an asset!

An ERC20 Token on the Ethereum Blockchain, Booleancoin is a store of value whose price is determined by the market. A token representing user contribution to the Boolean platform in the case of rewards, as well as a payment mechanism for Boolean across the Ethereum Blockchain, holders getting access to the plug-ins/platform for use of Boolean's Software.

Boolean BOOL ICO

  1. Only 20,000,000 Booleancoins will ever exist. No Central Minting Function has ever or will ever be added to the token.  This allows for HUGE GROWTH IN VALUE!
  2. 10% of tokens are reserved for the founders
  3. 25% are reserved for ‘Boolean', the decentralized news accuracy platform, for distribution among users/contributors

Exchange Rate

  • 1st Tier: .01 ETH = 100 BOOL
  • 2nd Tier (40% Discount): .3 ETH = 5000 BOOL
  • 3rd Tier (50% Discount): 0.5 ETH = 10,000 BOOL

Boolean is currently in the process of joining the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance ( as a member, to partner with other startups in the Blockchain Space and enable integration between different Decentralized Applications and ‘Boolean'. Boolean is going to integrate heavily with other Blockchains as well, especially the Steem Blockchain.

Join The GainingSteem.Com Team in leading the fight against Fake News!

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