Boon Tech

The job marketplace economy is valued at hundreds of millions of dollars and employs millions of freelancers from all over the world. However, it is chaotic, to say the least, and professionals are often exploited by the few corporations that dominate the industry.

What Is Boon Tech Freelance Job Platform?

BoonTech is a new platform that is taking on giants like Fiverr with its revolutionary ideas. On face value, it works like most other job marketplace platforms – it connects employers and freelancers and facilitates the exchange of services and payments. However, it is adopting new ideas and technologies to overcome most of the obstacles associated with other platforms.

Utilizing Artificial Technology

BoonTech is utilizing artificial technology to improve interaction between employers and freelancers on its platform. Some of the benefits of AI technology on this platform include:

Overcoming Language Barriers

The job marketplace stretches across the world and attracts clients from virtually every nation. This poses a problem when it comes to communication, and it severely limits the industry’s potential.

BoonTech has deployed AI technology that understands a wide range of languages. It also converts languages between two people who are conversing, thus making it easy for them to reach a deal and work together.

Protecting Users’ Identity

The job marketplace is ideal for most users because of, among other things, the anonymity it offers. However, some people take advantage of this for identity theft.

BoonTech’s AI technology will not only guarantee users’ privacy but also verify users’ identity to weed out any leaches. This, in turn, will bring some order to the industry and maximize earning opportunities for genuine freelancers.

Facilitating Ideal Matches

Fake reviews are misleading employers and robbing genuine freelancers of lucrative job opportunities. The AI intelligence will assign users points that determine their professionalism and match them accordingly.

Introducing The Boon Token

BoonTech has launched the boon token to be used on its platform. The token will facilitate all transactions including paying for services. It will also be viable for exchange on a wide range of crypto exchanges. It is currently exchangeable with ETH and BTC. You can also exchange Boon token for fiat currency via bank transfers.

How Does The Boon Token Work?

The boon token works just like any other form of currency – work, charge a premium for your services and receive your payment in boon token. You then have two options: use the boon token to pay for other services on the BoonTech platform or exchange it for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currency.

Boon Token Technicalities

BoonTech is scheduled to produce 500 million boon tokens that are expected to penetrate the entire job marketplace. 50% of these tokens will be released for sale to the public while the rest will be retained by the company. The initial market cap has been set at $10 million.

One boon token is going for $0.04. It can be bought using fiat currency (primarily the U.S. dollar), Bitcoin, and Etherum. It is currently available in most of the major international crypto exchanges.

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