What Is Boosto?

Boosto is a blockchain-enabled digital platform that acts as an App store for decentralized applications. The platform allows users to innovate DApps with an aim to interact with various individual influencers, networks, social media platforms as well as enable brands to communicate with their consumers with much ease. All this is made possible through the provision of development frameworks such as APIs, Oracle services, and SDKs for various developers on the platform.

How Boosto Influencer Driven Blockchain App Store Works

Investors in the platform gain access to the blockchain systems which guarantee their safety. The site makes use of tokens as a form of incentives for participants on ecosystem activities. Users on the platform get the support they need to come up with interactive decentralized applications, which they can later on use to reach out to influencers in the market for excellent deals. Through the help of the onboard influencers, developers reach out to their target audiences and sponsors. However, not all influencers are the same as their worth and power heavily depends on the total value of their tokens; ERC20 token.

Additionally, each influencer gets the opportunity to place out their personalized tokens on various DApps and let their fans interact with them in their respective stores. Here, they can make use of the DApps to make online their different art pieces, come up with a limited timeline on products and encourage fans into taking part in various auctions.

Supporters get to gain from all this as the early ones get incentives as their influencers popularity grow. Investors make use of their tokens to buy influencer services and even take part in the exchange of goods and services with other influencers on the platform.

Boosto Token Benefits

The lack of transparency in the centralized forms of transaction cause growth limitations to many organizations. Therefore, the incorporation of the blockchain technology on this platform ensures high standards of transparency both in the storage of data and in all sorts of payments. Also, the use of tokens eliminates the use of middle-persons that always demand extra charges. Now users can gain from direct incentives, which comes in handy for upcoming innovators and adopters with little to spend.

Also, influencers expand their earning territories from small referral links and advertisements. Through this, the aspect of sustainability comes in thus, making the marketplace more competitive as each influencer seeks to remain relevant and expand their territories. With influencers’ supporters gaining from token incentives, they get more reasons to stick around and actively play their role. Also, developers get a rare chance to work with influencers of their choice.

Additionally, users get to exchange their Boosto tokens for KOLO tokens. And with the Boosto wallet, transactions can only get better.

Although there are more benefits as to why you should invest than not, there is no 100% guarantee that the ICO will work out. Therefore, you should take cautionary measures in all your investment choices to be safe.

Boosto Conclusion

Boosto seeks to bring together developers, influencers, and consumers in one ecosystem. Through the platform, influencer users can make use of their tokens to support essential innovations. On the other hand, influencer supporters gain incentives as the popularity of their influencers increase. And with a clear channel of communication and security at all transaction levels, the site seems quite promising.

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