What Is Borneo?

Borneo is a company located in Borneo Island, South East Asia. It seeks to promote economic investment into the island through the Borneo Coins. By owning Borneo coins, individuals will have the opportunity to invest in projects run by Borneo First that are blockchain-based.

Borneo Island Investment Cryptocurrency Projects

There will be three main projects:

Coal Green Mining

Industries and manufacturing companies rely heavily on coal to provide energy all around the world. Borneo First platform seeks to have coal mining projects that are eco-friendly, cheap, and with the lowest carbon emissions. The project will also rehabilitate mined land and make them more useful by turning them into parks or wildlife reserves.

Independent Power Plant

The main aim of this project is the maximization of profits from the coal green mining. This is achievable by the production of excess electricity, which the platform can sell to governments. The produced electricity will also power the crypto mining project that the platform has.

This project also aims at creating electricity, which will be cost effective. The project will also include solar power plant that is implemented to utilize the fact that the island is located on the equator.

Cryptocurrency Mining

High cost of electricity has always been a major problem facing the crypto mining sites. BF’s mining technology is the most current with thermal heat management and redundant electricity, which will result in conservation of energy and the protection of investment.

BF is also updated on the current mining trends in the industry and thus is in a position to advice miners the most beneficial coins to mine at a particular moment.

Borneo Benefits


Participation on the platform in issues such as voting in the referendum is recorded on the blockchain. The information recorded on the blockchain is used in determining how much profits will be shared to those who participated in the voting process.

Blockchain Technology

The blockchain technology implemented in the BMG coin will ensure that the coin is stable, secure, and transparent on the network. It will also ensure that the coin has high liquidity and that it is easily tradable on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Corporate Social Responsibility Projects

The project will not only benefit the company but also the community and the environment. The CSR programs will have services to the community such as building and renovation of infrastructure such as school and churches, scholarships, agriculture training, and other programs aimed at helping the community in solving some of the problems they face.

Borneo BMG Coin ICO Details

The Borneo coin (BMG) is an Ethereum based token, which complies with the ERC20 standard. It is used to make investments on the platform. Apart from being used in making investments, the tokens while be beneficial to the owners, as they will be able to participate in referendums by voting in order to decide whether a particular project is viable or not. Participation in the referendum relies on the number of tokens that an individual owns.

There will be a fixed supply of the tokens to ensure that there is value maintenance of the tokens. The accepted method of payment for the tokens is ETH or BTC.


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