Passage AI and SEED to support Botchain

Botchain is all set to explore the potential of human-like digital assistants provided by AI by partnering with Passage AI and SEED. This development suggests the next level of technological progress of the blockchain medium to build an ecosystem of autonomous systems that can perform digital transactions for various industries.

Botchain, the audit ledger for autonomous AI agents is striving to become the standard way of sharing data between bots in a trusted manner. Passage AI has a similar vision too and it is the provider of bot building tools for creating and deploying a conversational interface for any business.

SEED Platform provides a framework made of tokens and network that enables building conversational interfaces and giving the control of data to the users. This partnership between the three big players is hence an amalgamation of the skills of all companies to build a ‘forever ecosystem’, a decentralized system that will help companies to exchange information using bots, and eventually even digital currencies to complete transactions in a fully digital manner.

Blockchain technology provides the best solution to build the trust mechanism due to the nature of its ledger that acts as an immutable and irrefutable record of all transactions. Botchain is the new blockchain, which is built on Ethereum, which has the capability to register and identify bots. It’s most important feature is the ability to provide a way for companies to collaborate between bots with inbuilt auditing process. The bots can identify each other, and the participating enterprises can also track all the transactions being exchanged between several bots.

For the end user, this collaboration means that he will be able to verify the machines they are interacting with and this will be the key factor in building trust amongst companies. Registering bots via blockchain also offers data accuracy that will encourage the enterprises to adopt AI. Botchain aims to integrate the validation standards into the decentralized marketplace offered by SEED to develop CUIs.

Over the past few months, Botchain has secured a lot of financial support and business cooperation from other giants in the industry like Gupshup, Polly, CareerLark, Disco (formerly Growbot), and many more. It collected $5 million dollars in its recent private token sale and is planning to conduct more in future to draw funds from the community stakeholders. This type of projects is likely to bring the next industrial revolution in the world of Internet and it is safe to consider them as the building blocks that will help the companies to operate with zero human involvement.

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