What Is BotChain?

BotChain is a project that was created by a team at Talla Inc. After over two years of building intelligent AI-powered bots, Talla started thinking of the BotChain project. Talla is a company that is based in Boston. It has thus far managed to secure over 12 million dollars from venture capitalists. The leadership team has decades of experience in developing software, AI, innovation, and startups.

Why BotChain Decentralized AI Identity & Audit Ledger Matters

In the modern world, bots are playing an increasingly important role. As this is happening, there will need to be a trust mechanism, which will ensure bot-to-bot communication is okay. Botchain wants to be the blockchain on which bots are registered.

This blockchain is built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is designed to identify and register bots and offer a method via which companies can collaborate with bots using auditing tools built into it. BotChain could possibly become the new standard via which data between bots is shared.

The idea behind it is that it could become an official and secure place where companies come to register their bots. BotChain will give enterprises developers, software firms, integrators of critical systems, a way to certify and validate millions of bots and billions of interactions powered by AI.

The company was created at Talla, a company in Cambridge. However, the aim is to ensure that this project reaches a wide community via partnerships. Some of the early partners for the project include Gupshup, a developer platform. They also have a partnership with, B2B enterprise bot developers. Other partners are CareerLark, Polly, Disco,, and Botkeeper.

BotChain was conceived by Rob May, the CEO of Talla. He cofounded Backupify, where he also worked as the CEO. The company was sold to Datto in 2014. He realized that as the use of bots continues to grow, there was a need to create a system that could allow bots to exchange data. Eventually, he hopes bots will even be able to conduct digital coin transactions in a digital manner.

Rob believes that the blockchain is quite useful in creating a trust mechanism. This is due to its nature as an irrefutable and immutable record. If entities using the blockchain agree to work together, and members allow it, there will be an inherent confidence.

Another advantage of using the blockchain is that no single company will be able to control the data. Besides that, it will be impossible for anyone to erase the data. It makes it possible for bots to identify each other. This project will also make it possible for the companies to track transactions that take place between the bots.

Tall opened this to the community because it wants BotChain to be the gold standard for how bots communicate. However, it is yet to be known whether they will succeed. However, this kind of project is important. As bots grow, companies are looking for ways to conduct transactions with full confidence even when there is no human in the transaction.

BotChain BOTC ICO Details

  • Token: BotChain
  • Token Symbol: BOTC
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Currency Accepted: USD, BTC, ETH
  • Price 1: BOTC = 2.50 USD
  • Minimum investment: 10,000 USD
  • Soft cap: 15,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 40,000,000 USD
  • Date: May 08, 2018 – June 28, 2018

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