The most important part of creating better AI technology is acquiring lots of cheap, quality data. Data is the lifeblood of an AI project. AI and robots learn with repetition training rather than programming, much like how a dog learns a new trick. Until now, this required large amounts of specialized and expensive data. Only the likes of Google and Facebook were truly able to increase the learning speeds and quality of their AI programs.

What Is Bottos?

BOTTOS is the decentralized data sharing network protocol based on the blockchain technology. It is also a consensus-based one-stop platform to implement the registration, distribution, and transformation of the data among different participants within the broad-based AI ecosystem.

Bottos tokens(BTO) and the Bottos platform will be used by AI companies to pay to create projects that need large amounts of data, like an AI speech recognition software. A user like you or I can open the Bottos platform and make a voice recording which then becomes a data asset that you can basically sell to the AI project. Users will get paid BTO for these assets. There will also be a credit rating system that ensures the quality of the data providers.

BTO has a strong team, strong partnerships, fast-growing community, and will absolutely explode in value once people outside of Asia find out about it. BTO is hands down the BEST AI crypto on the market.

Bottos Blockchain AI Data Sharing Network Products

Global Data Sharing Network:

They will build the world's most efficient data sharing network, called The DataMarket, with their proprietary pricing mechanism of the data asset. Bottos will provide high-quality, massive data with economic incentive through a P2P method. Users retain clear ownership of their data quality with the tractability and immutability features of Blockchain technology.

Global AI Model Sharing Network:

Bottos will build an AI model sharing network, called the ModelMarket, to facilitate the effective management of the AI development cycle. They can accelerate the development iterations of AI models with our massive data feeds. This will evolve the AI ecosystem with significant improvements in data acquisition and model development.

Global AI IP Database And Pricing:

They will implement the global IP database for AI data and models through registration and to establish the pricing mechanism for data asset transaction.

Global Hardware Sharing Network:

They will implement a hardware sharing network by using Bottos chain for AI product registration to ensure the proper use and effective communication among IoTs.

Bottos BTO Token ICO Details

They had their ICO on Jan 1 and sold out in under 48 hours. It didn’t even get added to CoinMarketCap until this past Sunday, Jan 14.

Bottos Conclusion

Most of the world doesn’t even know BTO exists because the team hasn’t even started marketing outside Asia. The only major competitors are DeepBrain Chain (DBC) and SingularityNET. DBC is basically just a big neural network (only one algorithm) run on a distributed series of machines. SingularityNET mainly a model sharing service and their alpha don’t even work. Bottos is better than their competitors  as  they specialize in sharing the best data, as well as sharing the best models. Furthermore, Bottos will eventually have its own blockchain, where projects can create tokens and hold crowdsales on the platform. Think of Bottos as the Ethereum of AI.

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