Bountie is a Singapore-based blockchain gaming platform that will be launching their ICO token sale (BNE Coin) on April 29, 2018. The Bountie platform will connect Asian gamers from all over the world and help reward them with incentivized competitive tournaments that will pay them in Bountie tokens.

Gaming Will Never Be The Same Again With Bountie

Needless to say, this platform was designed with the gamers in mind! With the Bountie ICO, you can play your favorite games in addition to receiving cryptocurrency when you win different matches and tournaments. This platform, based in Asia – is a way for professional gamers (or the avid ones!) make a living while playing their favorite games like Counter Strike and Dota 2. It is said Bountie already has a partnership established with Singapore Cybersports & Online Gaming Association (SCOGA), as well as MSI Global and DXRacer Singapore. The Bountie cryptocurrency-based eSports gaming platform will be avialable to all of those living in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Singapore.

Play Together Or Alone

The Bountie platform is designed to be played collectively or on solo missions. There are built in capabilities in the platform that will help you connect with other players whom you may not know who have the same skill levels as you so that you can compete in matches that are of equal caliber.

Play Different Ways Get Paid Cryptocurrency

There are three (3) different ways that you can join in on this ‘financial fun’.

  1. Tournaments that are set up for a knock out style formula where you receive Bountie coins based on your success.
  2. Seasonal Leaderboards which are designed to give out extra prizes or bonuses by way of Bountie coins for those who find their way to leaderboards.
  3. The quest part of the game play is designed to reward you with daily bonuses in Bountie coins based on completing different prescribed quests during game play.

How To Participate In Bountie ICO

To join the weekly tournaments, there is a small buy in that gamers are responsible for. These fees will in turn become the prize money for those who win these weekly tournaments.

In addition to the weekly tournaments, Bountie plans to offer sponsored tournaments. These will typically be done collaboratively with the hardware and software merchants. These winners will be rewarded with merchandise versus Bountie coins – like the others. In 2018, you can expect tournaments with merchants like Logitech and DX Racer to name a couple.

Lastly, free to play is an option that allows you to join tournaments on your own and simply play against other gamers. Those who win these tournaments will be placed in main events where overall winners will be rewarded with merchandise and Bountie coins.

More About Bountie BNE Coins

In addition to the winner’s rewards, bonuses and tournament win bragging rights – there are a few more ways that you can be involved with Bountie. One of these ways is through referral rewards. Like what you see? Tell people about it. You will be rewarded based on. Your referrals and naturally, how your referral chooses to proceed. Then, we have giveaways – just for being involved with the Bountie platform you are eligible for various giveaways put on by the company.

Lastly, during the ICO you can purchase your own Bountie coins with Ethereum to avoid missing out. Because they are currently in development, be sure to head to their website and sign up for early access by leaving your email information to be notified.

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