What Is Box?

The BOX platform is a new platform that is developed around a Chinese cryptocurrency. It’s not one that is proven, and the website is bare as can be. The reality is there’s a nice web page at that has nothing on it. It’s not designed to be the most attractive by anything on page. It actually has almost no information at all.

How Box Enterprise Token Safe Box For Cryptocurrencies Works

There’s no telling what is going on with the new digital cryptocurrency-based website. The page has no information on what they attempting to achieve. They have a nice-looking page, that is showing how the platform will benefit people. But in reality, there is almost nothing there.

The paragraphs are short and when the window is shrunk, information cannot be read accurately. Even looking at it now, they are claiming more than 15 years-experience with software development and architecture. But with the website altered, you can’t even see the full site. There is a big black bar that is running across the bottom of the page. And that alone shows they don’t have the knowledge in software development, because setting up a page like this should be a cake walk.

Ok, back to BOX – the company claims to have more than 16 years of experience in the industry of working online. And they have worked with a well-known blockchain –and they are said to have experience in the operations of working with economics in Canada, China and eBay.

BOX ICO Details

BOX doesn’t have an ICO, they have almost no information on their company. Ok, so if you scroll down the webpage they do speak about signature machine storage that is dealt through an independent server and has highly secure storage.

The private key recovery is co-authorized and backed up by a cold-storage private key. But for me to read this I had to fully expand the website and change the size of my browser, so I could see the rest of the site on the rite. To me, that means the site isn’t functional on other devices and you need to look at it in its full resolution. Which is something that isn’t necessarily possible with all users of the system.

Who Is Behind BOX?

There’s no telling who is behind the platform, where they’re from or what they’re truly looking to accomplish. As of now, the website is operating at minimal efficiency and looks to be another high-risk platform that should be avoided at all costs. Otherwise, investors who get in on the website will likely suffer while the owners of the site don’t.

BOX Conclusion

Before you take any time to invest with BOX, do more research to ensure this is a company you want to work with. The best advice I can give is to go and research the best companies, get in with one that is trusted and keep an eye on prospective companies like BOX. If you want to make money online with cryptocurrency, you’ll need to invest time energy and money.

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  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for your comments on our website. I am the new guy (freshly got in, today) in charge of international marketing for BOX and search around the WEB what people are actually saying about this brand-new product the company I now work for is launching.

    I agree the website needs to be updated with clear information regarding our road map and technology. Also, founders and our technology team is one of the most advanced in this field. This needs to be more developed in writing.

    We are of course open to any feedback, in order to improve our presentation. Please do not hesitate to contact us (email at the bottom of



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