Terms like blockchain and Bitcoin may seem like too much technical jargon for a restaurant owner. However, with the technology becoming more relevant in the financial world, there is plenty of reason to get to know how the technology could have future implications in the restaurant sector.

So how can blockchain become necessary for your restaurant? More importantly, how can restaurants leverage blockchain technology today for their prosperity? Well, Box2 Table is an upcoming ICO that looks to answer those questions. Here's more on the venture that proves that blockchain can delve into the food service world.

What Is Box2Table?

Box2Table is blockchain startup that will provide food and beverage enterprises with a comprehensive cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and a Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal for their inventory and payments.

By using the decentralized blockchain, Box2Table provides small and large businesses owners a similar ledger for their production and distribution of the products. In the restaurant situation, Box2Table will allow all market participants get to buy and sell the food services in the establishment under a guaranteed safe and convenient manner.

Box2Table Blockchain Food/Drink Restaurant Management Features

Under blockchain technology, BBox2Table will present the following features on its platform

  • Trading platform- Box2Table provides for a food marketplace where suppliers and restaurants get to interact and carry out business. The payments will be through the Box2Table cryptocurrency Box2Table Dollar (B2D).
  • POS Hardware- the POS system will comprise computer hardware and software equipment, which will enable the restaurant to track and manage their inventory.
  • Inventory management- through the use of AI, blockchain and cloud technologies, Box2Table will allow for efficient and precise inventory management
  • AI- the AI technology in use will offer a condition where the fees remain minimal.

Box2Table Benefits

As a keen observer of disruptive technologies, there is plenty of belief that blockchain technology has the capabilities to make an impact in the restaurant industry. Additionally, Box2Table hopes their blockchain-based platform will offer the following benefits.

  • Better Data collection for sales and inventory details
  • Potential marketing opportunities for restaurants looking to incorporate blockchain solutions in their operations
  • Better accounting with every data set to be within the automatic network
  • Convenience for the restaurants since they won't have to work with payment services for settlements or transactions
  • Security of the restaurant transactions is a guarantee with smart contracts and the additional advanced technological features.
  • Global expansion- with such a payment service restaurants have the potential to reach their global customers in a much easier way without worry on transactions

Box2Table B2C Token ICO Details


  • Start- May 31, 2018 till August 27, 2018

Token Information

  • Ticker- B2C
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Accepts- ETH
  • Total supply- 500,000,000 B2C
  • Pre-ICO amount- 6250000 B2C
  • Price- 1B2C= $ 0.12
  • Hard cap- $19 million
  • Soft cap- $5 million

Token Distribution

  • ICO- 74.75%
  • Internal liquidity pool- 10%
  • Team and advisors- 9%
  • Bounty campaign- 5%
  • Pre-ICO- 1.25%

Box2Table Conclusion

In the end, the capability to envision a long-term view in which the restaurant industry is transformed by blockchain is not difficult to accomplish. However, the combination of other advanced technologies such as AI and cloud services makes the Box2Table project a rather ambitious concept. Hopefully, their attempts to kickstart the world's fully automated restaurant payment service could help us realize the potential of blockchain on our food industry.

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