There is an increasingly growing interest in the convergence of Internet of Medical technology with other advanced technologies. Lead among this is the rise of brain communication that aims to optimize our central nervous systems into a quantifiable human record on a ledger. While this might sound futuristic, it is already happening thanks to the possibility of the blockchain majorly. The convergence of our brain perceptions can now be transferred into perpetual signals and most importantly into a quantifiable value under an advanced internet system. While it may sound disconcerting at first, the next venture can assist you to get ahead into understanding how blockchain and brain technology fuse.

About Brain To Brain And Its Features

Brain to Brain Token or BTBT is a blockchain-based digital currency that will work to connect crypto enthusiasts interested in the technological progress of a next-generation brain value transmission channel. The toke is among the pioneer to fuse cryptocurrency to brain technology, and the initiative hopes to use the techniques as a means of funding and developing their brain-tech solution.

With the goal of achieving an all-in-one solution for Brain technology for blockchain, BTBT will incorporate the following onto its platform to facilitate the services and tokenization. These features include

  • WAVE based: to go beyond the physical limit, BTBT will utilize WAVE technology to acknowledge a knowledge-based system
  • Transactions will work in a fast manner since it incorporates some of the best seamless techniques
  • Algorithm: BTBT works on a self-match mechanism to enable efficient linking and tokenization
  • Exchange: BTBT also has a decentralized exchange from where they can trade with other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

How The Brain Technology Solution Works

The BTBT token will work to convert electric waves into digital signals from where each system collects, analyzes and transmit the data between brains. The signs divide into two layers, with the first making up the knowledge system and the subsequent becoming the experience and memory system.

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Can You Profit From the Platform?

Unlike other ventures that rely on Proof of Work or Proof of Stake, BTBT will utilize a proof of Value system to get the correct value for the brain consciousness. Consequently, this feature plus several of the platform's portal present the following advantages

  • Low fees as transaction are decentralized hence no need for an intermediary
  • Fast transaction speeds
  • Potential clients as the world of blockchain technology are still catching up
  • Pioneering in brain technology industry
  • Liquidity of the token with the provision of the exchange platform

ICO Layout And How To Get BTBT

The ICO lists three rounds for the token sale with each featuring on April 26, May 06 and June 13, respectively. Additionally, the token supply will have different amount with 1.2 million, 2.2 million and 2.2 million as the listed amounts for each stage. The total quantity sums up to 8 million BTBT although the platform will offer future token growth. On the purchasing, BTBT token will only work through a WAVE wallet and the decentralized exchange.

  • Token Symbol: BTBT
  • Token Sale Round One Starts: April 26, 2018
  • Token Sale Rounds Two Starts: May 06, 2018
  • Token Sale Round Three Starts: June 13, 2018
  • Token Price: Starts at 1 Wave = 12 BTBT
  • Total Supply: 8 Million BTBT
  • Token Standard: Waves

The Verdict on Brain to Brain token

The BTBT initiative aims to improve our traditional means of human communication by enabling direct brain transmissions. For those looking to engage in technical progress involving the brain, the venture seems like an actual start to closer learning on the consciousness of human brain transmission.


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