The new system is the first blockchain based digital playground where you can go to get involved in social games. The platform is powered by Ethereum, and you can join in on the blockchain tech about BrainerZ on Telegram. Not only that, but you can also play right away and any questions or concerns to the team behind the scenes at It’s a brand-new company that is highly enjoyable according to many people who’ve tested the system.

What Is BrainerZ?

All over the world, there are people who are attempting to play games with others. And BrainerZ has a vision of helping the people who are interested connect with each other on a global scale. Millions of people play games and love them due to the need of developing skills, knowledge and strategy. Basically, the platform is fun, exciting, and excellent for anyone who wants to win. Competition is one of the main reasons the company does what they do, because at BrainerZ they consider competition through social gaming on a different level. In fact, gaming online is like nothing most people have ever experienced or will.

The playground has done very well since its inception. They’ve launched with a massive bounty seen around the world in which there are 6,531 different users who have already sign up. And these brains who’ve signed up are responsible for wining an astounding 4,237,600 Bounty Tokens known as BRNZ. The Bounty Riddles that are also available have had over 5,000 people make attempts at solving them. To join the party at the BrainerZ club, you can head to the company website to start playing for yourself.

The platform is simple enough to jump right into, and with BrainerZ, you’ll find one of the most unique, fun alternatives and socially powerful gaming platforms online. Your money can grow exponentially when playing on the BrainerZ platform. And all you need to do to play, is jump right in on the fun to earn the BRNZ tokens.

The first part of the platform is focused around two games, the first of which is TreasureZ, a social trivia game and RiddleZ – a mega game full of hard to decipher riddles, created by the renowned riddler Dan chamier. You’ll be able to win prizes by playing either game and can test your skills as many times as you want, over and over again. It’s as simple as heading to the website, downloading the mobile app, then getting started.

BrainerZ In Conclusion

The platform operates on the BRNZ token which is based on the ERC-20 token, designed to give you the ultimate rewards for playing the BrainerZ game. Crypto Games like BrainerZ are ideal for anyone who owns cryptocurrency, ultimately looking for a fun way to grow it through online gaming like BrainerZ.

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