Brainy is an AI trading platform that uses the BRAINY cryptocurrency. Find out everything you need to know about the platform today in our review.

What Is Brainy?

Brainy is an AI trading platform. The platform uses BRAINY as its cryptocurrency. The ICO for BRAINY tokens is launching on December 1, 2017.

Right now, Brainy doesn’t have any product or service in place: the company has just announced its BRAINY cryptocurrency [“Belief” “Reliability” “Acceleration” “Infinite” “Novelty”
Yield”]. Development on the AI trading platform isn’t scheduled to begin until 2018. Once the AI trading platform is launched, Brainy claims investors can expect the platform to generate returns of about 1% per week.

In any case, BRAINY (BRN) is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency. The company plans to raise funds through an ICO. Those funds will be used to develop the AI trading platform.

Brainy is being developed by a team of Thailand-based entrepreneurs.

How Does Brainy Work?

Brainy currently consists of a cryptocurrency. However, in the future, the company plans to generate returns of 1% per week through an AI trading system.

The company is careful to state that it isn’t guaranteeing returns of 1% per week. However, if development of their trading platform is successful, then Brainy claims investors can expect returns around that range.

There’s no publicly available AI trading platform at the moment. Development of the platform isn’t even expected to begin until 2018. It’s easy to tell people that you’re building an AI trading platform – but it’s much harder to develop a trading platform that produces strong weekly returns consistently.

The whitepaper provides no technical details about Brainy and how it works. They don’t explain how their AI system is being developed, or what types of signals it will monitor. Overall, the whitepaper is light on any technical details regarding the platform.

The Brainy ICO

The Brainy ICO is scheduled for December 1 to December 15, 2017. By December 18, BRAINY tokens will be available on at least one exchange (the Triple Dice Exchange).

Trading at national exchanges will begin in 2018 starting with India, Thailand, the United States, South Korea, and Slovenia. This is also when development of the AI trading system is scheduled to begin.

Of the total supply of BRAINY tokens, just 5% is allocated to this ICO. However, a further 20% is dedicated to token sales in the future, including an SCO and TCO. The development team has no timeline or expected launch date for these future token sales.

Out of the remaining total supply, 25% is given to early investors and partnerships, 30% is held by the team, and 20% is reserved for a “sustainability fund”.

Overall, Brainy’s funding breakdown seems unusual. The company is allocating just 5% of the total supply of tokens for the current sale, while the remaining funds are held entirely by the company or people affiliate with the company (aside from the 20% reserved for the future, unscheduled token sales). We can’t think of any other ICO where the company held onto 95% of the total supply of tokens while distributing just 5% of tokens to investors.

Who’s Behind Brainy?

Brainy is led by CEO Chieanchuang Audi Kalayanamitr, a Thai entrepreneur who has served as president and executive of a number of companies throughout Thailand.

Other key members include Suchai Thanawastien (CTO) and Somkid Pichaisriswad (CFO).

All of these people seem to genuinely exist. However, it’s not totally clear whether or not they’re linked to the Brainy project. The CEO’s LinkedIn page, for example, lists him as a stem cell researcher operated from Bangkok. Bloomberg also has a profile for the man where he’s described as a doctor on the Rich Pharmaceuticals Inc. medical advisory board. These all appear to be the same person because the same educational background (University of North Carolina / University of Greenwich) is listed on all profiles.

The strange thing is that none of these profiles list Brainy. There’s no proof that Chieanchuang Audi Kalayanamitr is involved with Brainy.

In the past, we’ve seen companies use someone’s social media information and profile picture to make their project seem legitimate. Until Chieanchuang Audi Kalayanamitr publicly confirms his participation in the project using his social media profiles, it’s hard to confirm his genuine involvement – which is worrying because he’s listed as the CEO.

Brainy Conclusion

Brainy is a slightly unusual project. The company doesn’t have any products or services currently available. However, the company has already scheduled an ICO for December 1. Development of their mysterious “AI trading platform” isn’t expected to begin until 2018.

In other words, Brainy is just a currency called BRAINY (BRN) at the moment. There are no other products or services affiliated with the company. The company claims its AI trading platform will generate 1% returns per week. The company is also holding onto 95% of the total supply of tokens after the token sale – which is an unusually high percentage.

To learn more about Brainy and decide for yourself, visit the platform online today at

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