Brave Ads Browser Trial Platform To Be Released For BAT Program

Brave Browser is a platform that is said to change the way people browse the internet as well as deal with advertisements. And after more than a year of development and coding, it looks like the second part of the platform is about to be finished. The team at Brave Ads has finally launched their trial platform, so that the entire world will be able to see who the concept of online ads could be improved on.

Brave Ads Are Finally Coming

The browser itself has already been received very well as of lately. And it offers a very quick browsing experience, it doesn’t give users the experience for which they are have been asking for several years now. And when compared to Chrome, the Brave browser is very quick. Even the speed of Firefox can’t stand up to the browser, they simply can’t be compared.

But there is still a lot to be finished apparently, one of the company’s main points for selling the platform is how users can utilize it to ether block ads, or to replace traditional advertisements with whitelist banners. Even allowing users to earn money for viewing ads at all times will be an option they have. The last option will be used to attract more users who are keen on making money. Since people are always looking to make more money by doing things they do every day, it’s a genius tactic to bring in more people.

To that end, the Brave Ads Trial Program is now live for users to try. While it’s true, since the first launch of the platform, a lot can be fixed or improved, from here on out average users will be able to benefit from using the browser. People can now watch ads and get paid for their activities, rather than just spending time online or having apps that suck up your computer’s resource. It’s a nice change of pace most people will likely appreciate. There have been no valid alternatives in this regard, at not as of recently.

During the trial period, users will be able to see a few more relevant ads each time every day. That is a more realistic attempts to break the somewhat monotonous way of people are typically seeing the normal relevant ads each and every day on a website they are viewing. It’s also evident that the Brave browser will have a major impact in this regard. That is also assuming that the team does what is right.

For each and every advertisement, a user views – he or she will be able to gain BAT coins. The coins will come directly from advertisers, Brave will share as much as 70% of the profits with the ends users on the platform. It’s a extremely steep amount, although no one is realistically expecting to get rich from the profits overnight, or to even make a real income from sitting around watching ads running on Brave’s browser every day.

It will also be interesting to see exactly what type of feedback users provide in this testing phase. Users search and browsing history is also going to be sent to the team at Brave, so that those people who value their online browsing history will be able to not partake in the trial.

With all things considered, the breakthrough is one of the largest milestones for the team at Brave. While the team at Brave didn’t really expect the browser to change how people browsed the internet or view ads, it seems the release is coming along nicely. As to the platform gaining mainstream popularity or not, that is still yet to be seen as the project moves along. There is a lot of very intense, somewhat fierce competition on the cryptocurrency market after all.

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