Brave Files Complaint against Google

Brave Files Complaint against Google

Brave Software which is the company behind Brave browser and Basic Attention Token has filed a complaint against Google over privacy violations. The complaint is in relation to provisions in the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). According to breaking news from Reuteurs , the Google and other companies in advertising have been ‘fishy games with people’s data’.

What’s in The Complaint?

According to Brave, each time that a person visits the said websites; their data is sent to different companies without their knowledge. Such info is sent to these companies in order to personalize ad placements and generate sales. Brave’s chief officer in charge of policy told Reuters that there was a serious breach happening in the advertising industry which was happening in a systematic manner. The GDPR had given ad-tech companies a two year lead in period but they haven’t complied yet.

In their response, Google through a spokesperson stated that they hadn’t violated any GDPR status. They claim that they build privacy systems at the earliest stages and don’t believe they haven’t complied with anything. The company stated that they strive to provide meaningful transparency when handling data which includes personal advertising.


If these companies are found guilty of breach of privacy, they will be slapped with heavy fines by GDPR which can start at 23.34 million Euros to almost 4% of their global turnover? These hefty fines are imposed to ensure that the privacy of tech users isn’t violated or manipulated in any way.

Brave prides itself in being a browser that’s focused on privacy and has in recent times hit over 3 million active users monthly. The BAT token has a market cap of 150 million USD and ranks well in credible bench marking index such as Alt Dex 100 Index.

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