Brave Browser (BAT Token) Adds TOR Feature In Private Tabs for Desktop App

Brave Browser Adds Tor Option In Private Tabs

Have you already used Brave? This is a new browser that has a focus on privacy, so users that want to be anonymous on the internet will definitely like what this company is offering. Recently, the browser, which pays publishers with its BAT token, has decided to launch a new feature: Tor for private tabs.

Tor (The Onion Router), in case you do not know, is a network that disguises your ID online while you move across Tor servers and encrypts your traffic so you cannot be found. Now, the company will allow the users of the Brave browser to be more protected while using private tabs by navigating on the Tor network. This feature is already operational, but still in Beta.

How Does The Tor Tabs Work On Brave?

This new feature is available on the latest update of the desktop version of Brave, 0.23. Unfortunately, the users of the mobile version will have to wait some more time until they can use this service. As you open a private tab, the option to connect to Tor appears and you can use it.

The feature is an addition to the anti-tracking and ad-blocking features of the browser. While Tor is generally slower than the normal web, the company has announced that it is working to make the speed of the connection better and that it will improve a lot in the following months.

Is The Feature Usable Or Is The Beta Access Bad?

While the feature is still online and it looks to be fully working, the company states that you might still find issues, as this is the Beta version. The main issues will be bugs and leaks of information that the user is using the Tor network.

Brave’s team is focused on developing solutions to the problems and will release the next update in the coming weeks. The team has also planned to support exit node geolocation features.

Despite the service working considerably well, the company states that anyone who is very concerned about security should still use the official Tor browser.

The Tor Tabs For Brave Conclusion

Brave has recently hit 5 million downloads in the Google Play Store and the number will possibly go up with updates like this one, which seems to be working well even in Beta. Because of this, you may expect the support for this feature to be constantly upgraded and improved in the following weeks.

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