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Blockchain technology and especially cryptocurrency is radically changing our Fintech sector, and this is opening new avenues for other industries to benefits from the innovation. In the future, the sports and entertainment sector could become highly improved by using such technologies in the events niche. Here's one venture looking to integrate this technology for ticketing in the sports and entertainment industry.

What Is Bravo Coin?

Bravocoin is a cryptocurrency-based payment solution for global sports and entertainment events for consumers. With the market for the sports and entertainment industry continuing to grow, Bravocoin hopes to make out a share of the market by providing for a ticket system for consumers through the blockchain. Ultimately, Bravocoin aims to eliminate the need for ticket intermediaries and agencies, who often present a lot of challenges to the ticketing process.

How Bravo Coin Crypto Sports & Entertainment Payments Work

With the Bravocoin token, users get access to purchase the tokenized tickets directly from the event organizer. Under the foundation of the blockchain, Bravocoin will allow the event venues to accept Bravocoin as a means of payment for tickets. The token ticket sales will first need the merchant to generate the tokens, establish smart contracts and let the blockchain to handle the rest of the sale actions.

Bravo Coin Pros

  • Fast, as blockchain payments operate in a seamless manner
  • Security of the ticket transactions is the number one guarantee with Bravocoin as it provides for a trustless payment service between vendors and consumers
  • Low cost regarding operations and the tickets since Bravocoin eliminates ticket intermediaries who bring extra fees
  • Referral bonuses for individuals carrying in new investors
  • Apparent high ROI returns for vendors using the Bravocoin token
  • More Engagement between event organizers and the fans

Bravo Coin Cons

Although Bravocoin prides itself as a breakthrough blockchain concept, plenty certainly raises attention on the project. Here's some of what I don't like:

  • Infinite supply could ultimately affect the price of Bravocoin negatively.
  • The poor concept of the Bravocoin project with nothing to show on their ticketing plan or future endeavors
  • The high bonuses are also controversial since they indicate the effort to attract potential clients inappropriately

Bravo Coin BRV Token ICO Details

The Bravocoin ICO will feature 3 phases, namely:

Pre-sale – Runs from 1 May 2018 till 14th May 2018 and carries a 200% bonuses. The token supply stands at 100,000,000 with unsold coins going to the next stage.

Pre-ICO sale – The event starts off from May 15 to May 31, 2018. Amount stands at 200,000,000 Bravocoin with 100% bonus.

ICO – The first public auction will run from June 1st till July 31, 2018, and will make 300,000,000 tokens available.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Ticker- BRV
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Accepts- ETH
  • Price- 1BRV= 0.00025 ETH
  • Token supply- 1,000,000,000
  • Amount for sale- 600,000,000

Allocation Plan

  • Private and Public sales- 60%
  • Founder and team- 25%
  • Long term reserve- 5%
  • Advisors and partnerships- 10%

Funds Use

  • Development- 35%
  • Marketing- 25%
  • Buy Back Program- 20%
  • Operation- 10%
  • Contingency- 5%
  • Legal- 5%

Bravo Coin Conclusion

To sum it up, Bravocoin is a rather poor ICO from scratch. Concerning its website and whitepaper, the whole project gets to show apparent signs of a scam. Overall, the best option is to stay clear of such ventures as they tend to end up by folding up and disappearing.

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