Andreessen Horowitz Crypto Investments Unveiled

Andreessen Horowitz has shown to have a special attraction to companies that end up being the most valuable around the world. A16z invested in firms such as Skype, Facebook, Airbnb, Twitter and Lyft.

In a report made by The Block, the author Steven Zheng, mentions that a16z has recently launched a $300 million venture fund that is fully dedicated to investing in cryptocurrency and blockchain projects in the market.

a16z is increasing the money that places in the cryptocurrency market. After being an early investor in Coinbase and Ripple, the company is now growing its presence in the crypto space.

However, there are more commercial and investing relationships between 16z crypto and other companies that Andreessen Horowitz invested in. For example, the crypto fund invested in Coinbase which at the same time, it invested in companies that a16z has also invested. This is the case of Compound or Celo, for example.

This shows that there is a growing complexity in the investment landscape for this company. The information that was released by The Block shows that Andreessen Horowitz invested in many crypto companies such as Basis, Metastable, Dragonfly Capital, Polychain, Coinbase, Celo, Maker, Dfinity, Compound, dY/dX and Orchid.

Some of these companies invested again in companies that a16z was already investing, as mentioned before with Coinbase. And there are other companies that Andreessen Horowitz is investing indirectly, such as Starkware. Starkware received investments from Metastable, Polychain and Coinbase Ventures.

The research made by The Block aims at providing clarity to the market, allowing companies and individuals to understand how one of the most prominent investment firms is taking decisions in such a volatile market.

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