BREM is an acronym for Blockchain Real Estate Market. It is also the official name for the token used on the online portal. This platform has been built with real estate transactions in mind. To achieve this, those behind the platform intend to utilize both AI and the blockchain. This project manages to bring together developers with extensive knowledge in the blockchain and AI on one side, real estate agents, and buyers that need efficiency, on the other side.

The platform is aimed at making it possible to conduct real estate transactions between parties from any part of the world. The platform relies on AI technology to ensure transactions are done in the most efficient manner possible. All of these transactions will be powered by the BREM tokens. As a result, it will help to eliminate much of the bureaucratic red tape around international transactions.

What Is TheHome.Today Blockchain Real Estate Market? platform is the first of its kind in the world. Thus far, it is the first in the world that intends to combine AI, the blockchain, and real estate to ensure that sales and purchases take place with full support offered.

The platform contains information, ads, and news channel that cover the real estate sector. It is also able to collect a full base of objects from developers, and secondary real estate from realtors. On the platform, you will also find a full list of instruments including bargaining tools, reservation tools, online mortgage loans, notary, and legal services. These are all tools essential to the successful completion of any real estate deal.

Its scale is also noteworthy. This platform will be made available to anyone from any part of the world. Its monetization model is also quite transparent. This is something that you will have a hard time finding anywhere else. To ensure it has funds to operate, the platform is going to rely on the sale of ads and commissions from concluded transactions. Everything is going to be kept transparent so that users know how much commission they have been charged.

Why BREM Token ICO Project Matters

The global real estate sector is estimated to be worth about $200 trillion. Of this value, a third of it is estimated to be readily available for sale at any time. However, the industry is prone to wastage in the hundreds of billions of dollars due to obsolete and expensive methods used to conclude transactions.

Today, this sector is global; investors looking to make a profit abroad will invest both long and short term, with the hope of making a profit at the end of it. However, when these investors go abroad, it ultimately leads to the integration of markets, thus creating standards that are acceptable on a global scale.

This also usually means that technology and experience are transferred from developed to developing nations. These emerging markets usually have little or no experience in managing the real estate sector. Thus, they usually need assistance from their counterparts in the developed world. By utilizing this platform and its accompanying token, it will ensure that the global real estate market gains some major efficiency.


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