What Is Briastorm?

Briastorm is a company with its own crypto coin called the Briacoin. The coin was created to store and distribute data within the Briastorm ecosystem. This coin is used to ensure security and verify the identity of users.

In the future, there are plans to expand the scope of this coin. For now, Briacoin can be utilized to pay for goods and services in the ad platform. The result is that it will create more demand for the coin, thus leading to a rise in its price.

In future, the entire ecosystem will include a system for crypto investment, an ad platform powered by the blockchain, a partner system, and even a service where users can create their own crypto.

Current Issues Briastorm Seeks To Solve

The Briastorm project was created out of necessity. Here are some of the issues that were identified during the conceptualization of this project:

Complex Launch Procedures

In the current system, you need to send an offer to an email, go to the office, discuss conditions, and sign contracts. You then have to go through a complex process of determining parameters and conditions.

Limitation Of Small And Medium Businesses

Most CPA networks find it hard to make money on small businesses. For instance, most entrepreneurs who only have 10 goods or less will find it hard to promote them.

Unsuitable For Most Offers

Various types of offers that exist in the market include applications, loans, finance, and rare promotional product categories. Most advertisers are unable to use the CPS network just because of the category of their products.

Impact Of The Human Factor

98% of all ad campaigns are checked manually. This task is getting harder and tiny mistakes can lead to huge costs. This will also mean that the advertiser’s time has been wasted.

Unfair Practices

There are many cases of a deliberate reduction of the conversion rates to advertisers. Managers will often adjust the ad companies for the purposes of fraud.

Income From Partner Links

Payments are dependent on various factors. The payments often suffer due to the dishonesty of one of the parties. This problem arises due to a lack of regulation.

The Briastorm Blockchain Advertising & Marketing Platform Solution

Here are the solutions that the Briastorm platform will bring to solve the existing issues:

On the Briastorm platform, it will only take a few minutes to advertise goods and services using the Webmaster.

The Briastorm platform does not have any mediators between advertisers and the Webmaster. This will make the process cheap and easy.

The smart contract offers the highest level of protection from influence by humans. Any payments, link generation, and access are all done securely via a smart contract. The smart contract also guarantees that payments will be made at all times.

Every participant on Briastorm will get a unique partner link. All useful acts that are made using the link will bring profits to the owner.

Briastorm BST Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Ticker: BST
  • Pre-Sale: June 27 – August 31
  • Token Sale: September 1, 2018 – January 31, 2019
  • Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000 BST
  • Price: 0.01-0.02$

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