Brick & Mortar BMT Tokens Review

This is a proposed token that will operate on the concept of the Waves platform. Contrary to conventional crypto tokens, the BMT token will have backing from the real estate sector, an aspect that gives it the upper hand over its competitors in that it has a solid background, hence volatility is virtually impossible. Through the conduction of an ICO, BMT intends to intensify its asset base by acquiring additional real estate projects using the raised funds.

Furthermore, a portion of the funds will be used in repurchasing tokens, half of which will get burnt, and the remaining half redistributed.  These measures are meant to maintain a high demand for the tokens, which are sourced from the real estate assets.

In the long run, the project will obtain funds from rental income as well as the gradual appreciation of the properties; value. When compounded on a monthly basis, this gives an approximate growth rate of 15% per annum. BMT is a subtle way of investment as it enjoys the security of real estate assets without the hassles of owning actual property, such a pestering tenants for rent, maintenance, huge amounts of capital and many more.

Ultimately, Brick & Mortar BMT intends to establish a digital currency that is liquid and immune to negative volatility. This will spur confidence in investors, as they are guaranteed of making profits regardless of prevailing market conditions.

Target Real Estate Market

The proceeds from the crowdsale will be used to acquire up and coming properties within and in the outskirts of Ontario, Canada. The acquisition mod-tier assets is a calculated move, as they are obtainable at an initial low cost, yet they have an enormous potential of appreciating in the near future.

As a result, the ROI will be higher, and more capital will be available for the addition of assets as well as repurchasing of tokens.  Hence, assets will gradually increase without injection of borrowed cash from third-party financiers.

Brick & Mortar BMT Tokens ICO

As mentioned above, the Brick & Mortar BMT ICO funds will be used to add on to the existing real estate assets. A total of 5 billion tokens will be created, with each costing $ 0.01. Any token that remains unsold after the ICO will be permanently destroyed. Should the ICO meet its intended target before the stipulated period elapses, B&M has the right to mint additional tokens at the same price of $0.01

As part of their compensation, the staff and top executives of BMT will receive a considerable portion of the tokens. The tokens allocated to the team are only valid for sale six months after being paid out.

Operational Guideline

The first step is the creation and selling of the BM Tokens during the ICO. After the completion of the crowdsale the team will indulge in the development of an investment portfolio. Once the assets are acquired, mechanism will be put in place to ensure they generate a positive cash flow.  The returns will then be used either to reacquire tokens or add more asserts onto the existing portfolio.

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  1. I’m pretty sure I was one of the first few people who found BMTokens, and I have been watching them from the get-go. Although I haven’t invested yet, I plan to do so once the official ICO starts. This could truly be an amazing project, and I look forward to seeing where it goes.


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