Centralized finance has finally met its match. In the last fifteen years, there has been a rise in technologies that aim to disrupt the old. Some of the biggest challengers of the old financial order are P2P lending and the blockchain.

These two have created an opportunity for everyone, no matter where they live, to be included in the financial system. The BridgeX Network wants to be the first to offer a solution that bridges the new and old. It will offer decentralized financial solutions that integrate with the current system.

About The BridgeX Network

BridgeX Network is a framework for the financial system. It will facilitate decentralized conversion, payment solutions, and credit. This will make it possible for crypto-to-crypto collateralized borrowing and lending. It will also make it possible to conduct crypto to fiat conversion and payments across international borders.

This network is going to unite the different participants in the blockchain world and create new opportunities for the world of finance. Any DApp developer can leverage the BridgeX Network to offer new services on the existing platforms. Besides that, they can create DApps that solve real-world finance issues.

The goal is to ensure the BridgeX Network powers a huge ecosystem of off-chain and decentralized financial services. This will help to democratize access to credit and bridge the world of fiat and that of crypto. The developers envision a future where the unbanked can access affordable credit where crypto is recognized as a legitimate asset.

BridgeX Core

BirdgeX Core is at the heart of the BridgeX Network. It contains smart contracts hosted on Ethereum. There is also an on-chain loan matching, on-chain loan tracking, and an oracle to collect off-chain data for loan contracts. Additionally, it contains an integrated cash management module that offers off-chain solutions to convert crypto to fiat. The cash management module is also used for cross-border payments.

The BridgeX Platform

For the proofs-of-concept for this new ecosystem, the Apps and DApps will be used to demonstrate the power of the BridgeX Network. This will make sure that they can deliver three compelling cash management solutions with the single platform. Besides that, it offers third-party integrators and DApp developers with the understanding of multiple possibilities that exist.


BRIDGELoan will be a decentralized crypto lending platform that offers crypto-to-crypto loans. This will lead to new opportunities for lenders that seek to access the untapped and growing digitally savvy market. In this platform, borrowers will be able to leverage their crypto assets by pledging them as collateral to access liquidity. BRIDGELoan is built on the Ethereum blockchain. It lets borrowers and lenders engage in automated and secure transactions.


These two work with BRIDGEPay to ensure crypto-to-fiat conversions. It also ensures that cross-border payments can take place with ease. There are more than 180 fiat currencies supports in more than 180 nations.

BridgeX Network BXN Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Ticker: BXN
  • Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000 BXN
  • Tokens to be sold at ICO: 400,000,000 BXN
  • Hard Cap: 40,000 ETH
  • Token Price: 0.0001 ETH = 1 BXN

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