BrikBit Blockchain Real Estate Platform is Planning ICO Token Launch in October

BrikBit Plans To Push The Limits Of Real Estate Industry With Blockchain

In our ever-increasing dynamic world, the blockchain craze seems to have found plenty of uses as a one-fits-all solution for many sectors, real-estate industry included.

While the real estate industry relies on multiple players, the network of relationships is often full of mistrust, legal struggles, various fees and worse of all is the level of fraud. Fortunately, the BrikBit venture plans to globalize and digitize our real-estate services by using blockchain technology to establish a real value of the properties.

The BrikBit company has unified the potential to create, authenticate and audit contracts in real time, all over the world and without the intervention of an intermediary institution, with a comprehensive platform that breaks traditional boundaries of a real estate industry that until now has refused to evolve.

BrikBit Ecosystem

BrikBit offers the general tokenization of the business processes, divided into three connected parallel stages:

These engines will work using a fungible local currency called BRIK. By using BRIK, the actors will be able to carry out real estate business transactions without the need to convert fiat currencies or to mind about international restrictions. Besides, BRIK will grant them access to various tools derived from the platform, including mobile modalities.

Benefits Of BrikBit

To conclude, the distributed ledger technology increasingly adds more application areas beyond the mere currency exchange. Particularly, in the field of real estate, the potential is there to be exploited and effectively reshape the way in which businesses are done between the parts and even how the whole market moves.

The company is conducting an ICO on 18th October 2018. To find out about the project’s updates and extra information visit .

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