In our ever-increasing dynamic world, the blockchain craze seems to have found plenty of uses as a one-fits-all solution for many sectors. The newest craze is within the purpose of blockchain in the real estate industry. With everybody targeting improvement within the different areas, the real-estate world has sought the technology to enable the removable of intermediaries, and most of all tackle the typical challenges of the real estate supply chain issues.

While the real estate industry relies on multiple players, the network of relationships is often full of mistrust, legal struggles, various fees and worse of all is the level of fraud. Fortunately, the BrikBit venture plans to globalize and digitize our real-estate services by using blockchain technology to establish a real value of the properties. As we will get to see the blockchain venture will create an interactive platform for the property players such as architects, advisors, and owners to interact and gain an economic advantage. The best part is that all these will work under a decentralized structure, with no predominant role from an intermediary. Here how BrikBit plans to directly deliver the real estate industry to the most basic of operations and productivity.

What Is BrikBit?

BrikBit is a real estate platform based on the LSIK blockchain, which plans to automate, decentralize and make property acquisition more transparent. The platform aims to do this, multiple processes it will offer to its users including, fund collection, creation, and management to ensure efficient and profitable property investments.

BrikBit will work under a Delegate Proof of Stake protocol that allows for the creation of a sidechain from the legacy LISK chain to facilitate new features and rules for its platform. Each sidechain will entail its token from where users can create and exchange their tokens, independently.

BrikBit Features


The Real Estate Digital asset protocol allows for an interface between the BrikBit platform and the real property. Each of these portals will allow for a unique real estate project to undertake tokenization through the transferable and univocal REDA token.


The real estate decentralized applications enable the management of information and property within the real estate processes. The app also further allows for the creation of a framework to identify the value of the REDA token

Utility Token

BRIK is the platform main utility currency and will allow for access to the platform's services, which features spending as well as the implementation of the smart contracts.

Why Use BrikBit Blockchain Real Estate Digital Asset (REDA) Network

With the kind of real-estate environment we are having, there are plenty of potential use cases for BrikBit. While this is by no means, a means a guarantee of the future potential but analysis of how it can be beneficial

  • Ensure real-time transactions hence reduced clearance time, risks and friction with buyers
  • No external influences to amend the transactions
  • There is no risk of fraud, abuse or manipulation of the sales
  • BrikBit will also reduce the intermediaries within property transactions and decrease acquisition cost.

BrikBit ICO Details

About trust funding coin On TFC:

  • Token Symbol: TFC
  • Total Supply: 75 million
  • Hard Cap: 24,000 ETH

The BRIK token will have a maximum supply distribution of 100 million tokens with only 75 million available for supply. Each investor will require a minimum purchase of 1ETH (2200 BRIK) to become eligible. The target to raise is at 15,000 ETH with at least a hard cap of 24,000 ETH expected.

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