What is Brick Pass?

This is a new platform that is focused around global transportation. Basically, you can use cryptocurrency to use a decentralized network and a Brisk wallet that uses the unique cryptocurrency called BriskCoin to pay for your transportation passes.

How Does Brisk Pass Work?

There are billions of dollars spent everyday all over the world by people who are using public transportation. Commuters go back and forth day in day out and for many houses, transportation accounts for as much as 15% of all money spent. Public transit is one of the most important parts of many people’s lives.

The thing is that public transportation is getting more and more expensive by the day. Brisk Pass is looking to change the way that people can pay for their transportation and to save them money. There are so many different types of transportation, whether is be taxis, buses or trains. For most people they have to use multiple types of payment methods to pay for their transit. Their expensive and inefficient, by many people’s judgements they are outdated as well. And Brick Pass is looking to simplify the way that people pay for public transit. Here’s how they will help make things easier:

Pay As You Go

With the platform you will be able to bypass many of the faults people currently face with public transit. For example, Users will be able to pay when they need to, there will be no balance or worry of not using your balance in certain timeline. Many times, people will simply lose their money if they don’t use it.

Gobal Access

You’ll also be able to get around borders, language challenges and currency confusion, exchange rates will become a thing of the past when it comes to transportation. The BriskCoin is designed to allow you to pay for pubic transit on a global scale without needing to purchase any of the passes locally.

Not Just A Transportation Pass

It’s not just a pass either, you’ll get your own cryptocurrency wallet known as a Brisk Wallet. It uses the companies own coin called a BriskCoin for receiving and transferring money. You’ll be able to exchange it for other cryptocurrenies or Fiat currencies apparently as well. They also claim that you’ll be able to pay for other products and services as well.

Go Green

The company also claims that by using their platform, you are improving the environment as well. Apparently, all of the plastic cards used as passes contribute highly to the CO2 output in the world. With BriskPass you’ll never have to worry about buying another pass anywhere you go in the world.

Who is Behind BriskPass?

The company is based out of Germany, it was founded in 2015. The company has the main goal of developing a public transit system that changes the way people travel. They’ve worked closely with people in the transit industry and are looking to become people’ first choice when it comes to transportation payments.

BriskPass in Conclusion

If they can get countries on board with their system, it will likely revolutionize the way people pay and use public transit. It’s likely however, that it may take years for it to actually go worldwide.

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