BroFistCoin BRO ICO

Meme Network

When memes were introduced in the social media, they were a form of entertainment, sending messages or just a form of self-expression. People became motivated after seeing how popular they had become. A simple comical meme could go viral for weeks in almost all social sites.

Today, creating and sharing memes will no longer be just a fun activity. People will have an opportunity to enjoy the memes as they earn from them. Bro Coin is pioneering an industry that is taking memes to another higher level.

Using the Ethereum blockchain technology, Bro Coin has built the first decentralized network. This platform will bring together all people interested in exploring new aspects and strategies of creating memes. The network will inspire new talent, innovation and creativity among its members.

Creating and establishing Bro Coin is a brilliant idea for the industry. Online users are looking for new avenues to learn new things. This network is not just about having an easy income but also a community where people will grow and hone their skills.

About BroFistCoin BRO

Bro Coin’s journey began in the month of February 2018. PewDiePie birthed the idea of BrofistCoin. He is a renowned Youtuber with great experience in video production and other skills necessary in Bro Coin.

After PewDiePie creating the idea, John Meacham and his team materialized it. Bro Coin is yet to be launched officially in the market. As we wait for its announcement in July, Bro ought to be listed on the Crypto Exchanges and the release of Bro Meme Dashboard 1.0

Currently, BroFistCoin is ongoing and it will end in the month of April. The network is giving people a chance to purchase the coin beforehand. Bro Coin is the next big thing and is inviting everyone to become a part of it.

Members of the network will conveniently buy Bro Coins. All they need to do is use Metamask or use their Ethereum wallet. Any amount of Ethereum will give instant Bro Coins through the crowdsale address.

Exchanging Ethereum for Bro Coins will be at a favorable rate. Bro Coin intends to be affordable and convenient to its users. The first people to purchase Bro Coins will be given amazing bonuses.

Finally. November will host the big awaited release of Bro Meme Network 1.0. Founders are anticipating its success and profound growth. Although other platforms may be created afterwards, Bro Coin hopes to be the greatest meme network that will ever be established.


BroFistCoin BRO has a strong leadership team behind it. While John Meacham is the CEO, David Bondar is the chief technology officer and Max Potier is a smart contractor. These personalities have rich experience in their work and will drive this network to high heights.

With PewDiePie and CryptoWaldo supporting the core team, Bro Coin will always be a hub of creativity. The goal is to be user-friendly and increase the members’ experience. The network is capable of hosting large populations and giving everyone a chance to be part of the team.

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