The cryptocurrency market is expanding day in day out. With this in perspective, there is the need for Corporations and individuals to create smart contracts for themselves.

What Is BrokerNeko?

BrokerNeko is a network that provides a quick, easier, and rational transaction of cryptocurrencies with its unique system. The network intends to help corporations and individuals in creating smart contracts. Crypto payments based on Tui System will work with BNN coin as a better way of achieving the mandate of creating smart contrast.

BrokerNeko understands that very few people have knowledge of coding and software and hence are unable to create smart contracts. At such points, BrokerNeko will be giving support and services needed by such people. People within the network will be able to create their smart contracts even without knowledge of programming, as the BrokerNeko app will have an inbuilt feature enabling them to create the accounts by simply tapping their phones.

Blockchain Smart Contracts And Their Use

Smart contracts have made transactions easy as people can process payments easier, faster, and more convenient. The network hence avails a user-friendly platform that allows payments to be made with one click. The contract also allows brokers and companies to make clever arrangements regarding contracts of people demanding privacy.

The company, however, does not have regular ICOs like other stakeholders in this market. This approach is more preferred in that:

  • It allows us to maintain a low soft cap and low expense
  • Saves on time and the regulatory scrutiny which destroys the concept of decentralization
  • Enhances transparency and openness between investors and supporters
  • The network also allows easy access to seed funding during the early stages of the project.

The idea of smart contracts is however yet to pick up until when agreements will be made with companies, governments, and other stakeholders to allow assets to be represented physically. This representation will make trading of assets easier as their purchase back can be traced to a legal entity. This concept will also do away with brokers and third-party players who often charge exorbitant fees in the modification of ownership chains.

Smart contracts only require one to secure a chain at the beginning where all ownership transactions will then be done electronically. Moreover, the work done by third parties like lawyers will be done electronically as a way of curbing extra expenditures.

BrokerNeko BNN Token & ICO Details

The token is listed on Fork delta and Ether delta where purchases are done at BNN per ETH. Satoshi currency will be used in buying BNN tokens where a BNN will be selling at WEI (1 Satoshi)

Over million tokens will be sold to people willing to help in compensating a listing fee of BTC. The tokens will be listed on the market where it is expected to gain more approval and increase in value.

The few first people to buy the million BNN coins will have an added advantage since the coins bought in exchange for Satoshi can be resold if they are not listed on the stock market. The BNN tokens will be available for sale from the following stock market:

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Ticker: BNN
  • Price: 1ETH= 8000000BNN
  • Accepting: BTC, ETH
  • Country: Japan

Token Distribution

  • 60 % – Locked
  • 30% – Sale
  • 5 % – Team
  • 2.5% – airdrop
  • 2.5% – Market fee

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