If you are looking for a ‘non-government’, self-regulated platform to manage your cryptocurrency portfolios with the highest level of digital data, security and confidentiality – Bronix may be the option to consider.

What Is Bronix?

The Bronix platform is designed to promise stable and hack free investment opportunities for people looking to trade and mine using a peer to peer network and backed by Blockchain. The ultimate goal is to provide a technically superior platform that will allow for financial freedom and more importantly, stability. Bronix believes they are geared to create the new standard for the cryptocurrency world.

Through the platform you will be able to make secure money transfers – globally. They describe their vision as clearer than ever and that the strategy they have created and are ready to implement will achieve the same level of excellence.

How Bronix Cryptocurrency Investment Trading Exchange Works

Bronix is described as the Biggest Payment Revolution – now is a time to catch your first look.

On this platform you can expect no third-party involvement which allows this to be self-managed in all aspects. There is zero involvement with the government or other private financial institutions.

Inflation protection is also established to help guard against the fluctuation known, to this market. This will help protect the desired income stability – here, the individual matters. There is extensive article and blog information available on their website including those that will keep you in ‘the know’ of what is happening in the crypto world. Knowledge is power – the right knowledge anyways.

A complete roadmap of release information and token purchasing is available on the Bronix website. In addition, the three key members of the team have a bio and additional contact information available as well.

Bronix BRNX ICO Details

The ICO will start on April 4, 2018. At this time, there will only be 250 million Bronix Tokens offered and to purchase you will need; BTC, ETH and/or XPR. The anticipated Token Price will be $0.35, and your purchase amount is unlimited. The minimum however is 100 BRNX.

  • 70% of the availability will be for the public
  • 12% of the availability will be reserved for Advisors and Marketing
  • 16% of the availability with be designated to BRNX Founders and Team
  • 2% of the availability will be for social media bounties


Bronix Conclusion

Overall, based on the current information, special attention to security and confidentiality, Bronix is gearing up to be a great contender in the cryptocurrency world. At the very least, one to keep an eye on.

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