It is evident that the values of cryptocurrencies have received the attention of investors and less-than tech-savvy thieves. While we are accustomed to the typical online hacks, thieves are now working with the facts that they can reach the coins offline by plundering the token holders and forcing them to deposit into anonymous wallets.

Such is the case in the latest unfortunate turn of event facing cryptocurrency, where a Bronx Biker gang crew of three men got arrested after a cryptocurrency kidnapping and robbery incident. The trio alleged attempted to extort their victim his $2 million worth of cryptocurrency.

Held Hostage

Manhattan prosecutors charged the three, Allan Nunez, Cezar Guzman and Darrell Colon of armed robbery on their crypto-millionaire, who is a friend to one of the assailants. Court records do indicate that another conspirator to the theft, Louis Meza of Jersey City, took the liberty to set up the victim for the robbery attempt by luring him into a fake Uber. Prosecutors do indicate that Nunez and Colon were hiding inside the car, and took the victim captive at gunpoint for two hours until he would give up his 24-word passphrase to his digital wallet.

Meanwhile, half of the gang consisting of Meza and Guzman were busy ransacking the victim's apartment to get a hold of the wallet. Unfortunately, surveillance cameras were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the two, with Guzman's gang and tribal tattoos giving out his identity. Despite the arrests, the fate of the stolen cryptocurrency is still unclear although there is optimism of possible recovery underway. Still, the case is far from over, with all suspects pleading not guilty and even one of them, Allan Nunez receiving positive reviews of officials attesting to the suspect's apparent good character. Nunez is said to feature in a lot of charity work within his community in the Bronx.

Safety Of Cryptocurrency

The case is still on course with developments indicating the suspects are on release bail of $50,000 each. And from the news, it is apparent that cryptocurrencies are becoming attractive even to the gang-affiliated thieves. Ultimately, we can conclude that online safety measures are no longer good enough to protect your crypto. All-in-all, it evident that we should be at least private on the value of your crypto portfolio or at best turn out to becoming a victim of a face-to-face crypto robbery.

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