Browsers Lab ICO (BAL Token)

One of the major challenges in the software development cycle (SDLC) is testing. Testing takes numerous hours and resources. However, failure to test your application can result in extra cost down the line due to software failure. On average only about 52% of developers, perform functional testing on their work.

Developers do not have time to code automation scripts, and hiring of automation engineers is not cheap. Most companies lag behind due to time and financial resources constraints. Most firms choose to utilize the resource before testing, and this leads to problems later that require quality assurance analysis and automation engineers further driving up the cost.

More applications are making their way into the micro-service infrastructure, and the challenge of testing is bound to increase.

The Browsers Lab Solution

Browsers Lab is the solution to the challenges encountered during the testing process as it hopes to make cloud-based testing easier. Software testing is important as it assures quality and it reduces the cost of software development.

The Browsers Lab platform reduces expenses associated with creating, managing, and executing tests. The platform will reduce the effort that users will need to create different environments and to view the results. The platform dashboard and metrics further provide the users with insight on the performance of the tests. The platform is ideal for both large enterprises and individuals.

Users can use the platform browser grid to execute test scripts without the need for a computer. Browser lab also makes it easy to create tests. They provide simple automation and help users build their automation platforms. The platform offers UI automation, mobile application automation, and API Automation.

The cloud in the infrastructure can be used for writing, running, and storing automated selenium tests. Developers, QAs, and engineers can write and store their tests on the platform with the ability to execute their tests in Browsers Lab Cloud infrastructure.

The platform can execute the stored tests from any location and any device. Browsers Lab also enables users to test their software on multiple different devices and browsers. The user can further verify multiple environments with the same parameters to ensure the stability of the firm’s infrastructure.

Regression checklists can also be executed with no worry about locking the user’s resources. The platform also gives a detailed report of the user’s platform intractability and stability. Tests are now reliable and faster. The platform further helps users find bugs before a manual tester can catch them. Users can also attach continuous integration and have their tests run as their environment is being deployed.

The Browsers Lab ICO BAL Token

The platform will use a token that will enable the browsers lab platform to grow and expand to meet the needs of the test automation industry. The token is based on An Ethereum blockchain. It will create a new market and allow the users in the browsers lab use it as a means of exchange. The token can also be used to reward employees, pay employees or hire freelancers.

The total BAL tokens that will be produced will be two billion and 50% of the tokens will be offered during the ICO that will start on 23rd April 2018. The digital currency that will be accepted during the sale is ETH and BTC.

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