The hype surrounding the global gaming industry isn’t heading for a stop anytime soon. In fact, if there is anything to go by it, then you should expect more adventure in the coming days as more innovators take strides to acquire stakes into this already booming industry.
Nevertheless, the investment avenues that come with technological advancements call for equally advanced measures of storing digital gaming assets not only as a way to safeguard gamers and their investment but also to improve transparency in all levels of transactions. As a result, the innovation of the Bryllite platform couldn’t have come at a better time.

What’s Bryllite?

Bryllite is a decentralized digital global gaming asset consolidation site that plans to work towards according to platform gamers a safe platform to store their game assets while indulging in secure and efficient transactions with minimal/no fees.

Features Of Bryllite

The developers of the Bryllite platform promise to have in place the following tools to ensure better gaming experiences for its users;

  • Master node blockchain network for implementation of game content interconnection
  • A ready user base and global gaming companies with viable subscribers
  • Ownership of game assets for trading purposes
  • Bryllite Coin (BRC) for secure transactions
  • Supporting multi-Wallet usage across exchanges.

There is also an auction system, community support over the game for all gamers and an electronic wallet service for online and offline game content.

How Does Bryllite Work?

Interested gamers and investors will have to exchange the Bryllite tokens into Bryllite Coin (BRC) to start transacting within the ecosystem. Once they acquire these gamers on the platform get the opportunity to move and trade their digital game assets between games, earn currency and maximize the revenue they get from event block compensation. On the other hand, developers have the opportunity to market their games and conduct game activations, increase their market margin and pay particular attention to their game content. Investors build an external blockchain database that improves transparency across games for more business opportunities.

Furthermore, developers determine the value of BRC in the beginning with the exchange rate increasing after half-life thus increasing competition and scarcity over time.

Sales Information

The release of the 1 billion Bryllite tokens will release in two phases;Token Symbol:

  • Token Sale Starts: April 30, 2018
  • Token Sale Ends: July 27, 2018
  • Token Price: BRC
  • Total Supply: 600 Million BRC
  • Token Standard:
  • Soft Cap:
  • Hard Cap:

The sales of the Bryllite tokens will undergo division as 5% operation, 10% marketing, 10% strategic partnership, 15% private reserve, 30% partner support, 15% Business Development and 15% Engineering. There is also no minimum purchase tokens. However, individuals from the USA, China, and non-FATF countries cannot participate in the token sale.

Acceptable currencies during the pre-sale phase include; BTC, ETH, ETC, XRP, ADA, and PLC and ETH for ICO. Users can exchange their tokens for a coin after the main Bryllite launch later in 2019.

Why Should I Invest?

Although investing in the Bryllite platform might seem like a good idea for gaming enthusiasts, it leaves so much to be desired especially with the restrictions on token purchases for some countries. So if you happen to be from this regions, you might as well find another investment opportunity.

However, overall the platform seems well composed and if the promises turn out to be true, then developers, gamers, and investors have a lot to gain. Nevertheless, you should exercise caution even as you participate as there isn’t a 100% guarantee of success.

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