While it still in developmental stages, blockchain technology has irrefutably opened up numerous ways of making money, particularly through virtual currencies. Presently, the crypto space offer a wide range of ways through which investors can earn profits by investing cryptocurrencies. These include lending systems, high yield investment programs, mining and so on. Nonetheless, only a few of these methods are dependable, manageable and profitable.

The BSBCoin ecosystem will provide a quality and reliable means of receiving substantial profits. All an investor has to do is purchase the project’s utility token at the Initial Coin Offering or wait for the inauguration of the BSBCoin platform.

The BSBCoin Platform

The current hype concerning digital currencies has impelled a massive shift toward digital assets by investors. However, these traders are solely driven by the prospect of making enormous profits within a short period. Hence, a significant portion of them lack the knowledge required to be successful in this promising industry. BSBCoin intends to bridge this knowledge gap and craft strategies that earn high returns for their clients. The project is ran by a team of professionals such as software developers, economists marketing experts and successful entrepreneurs.

By leveraging blockchain technology, BSBCoin will create a trustless, reputation-based ecosystem. Moreover, the platform is fully scalable, eliminating the possibility of being overwhelmed by multiple simultaneous requests. Before the public is allowed access to the platform, all relevant features will undergo a mandatory test to ascertain if they are working correctly.

BSBCoin Token Sale

The BSB Coin is an ERC20 complaint utility token that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. It is the principal medium for exchange in the BSBCoin platform.

Parameters of the Token sale

Token Name: BSB Coin

Token symbol: BSB

Total supply: 17,000,000 BSB

ICO supply: 10,000,000

ICO start date: April 22nd, 2018

ICO end date: May 22nd, 2018

Allocation of ICO Funds

The BSBCoin crowdsale will be divided into ten phase, with the token value increasing after every round elapses. Instead of having a capped duration, each round expires upon the complete sale of the allocated tokens for that particular stage.

Features of the BSBCoin Ecosystem


This investment option aims to capitalize on the fluctuations of the values of cryptocurrencies. Users will receive profits as per their initial investment amount.

Stake and Vote

Coin holders are automatically eligible to receive additional BSB coins. In accordance with the Proof-of-Stake protocol, users with large ownership stakes will be rewarded with more BSB coins. Consequently, they will have more votes, meaning that they can influence the project’s policies.


Alternatively, members can make profits in the internal exchange through the buying and selling of BSB tokens. The market value of BSB will be controlled by the situational supply and demand.


Later on, BSBCoin will bet on different sports using data from their providers.

Referral Program

Members can rake in additional income through commission awarded when a referred friend purchases the BSB coins.


Upon the completion of the token sale, BSBCoin will embark on the development of the BitSoBet platform. This will be followed closely by the Internal Exchange and the Lending program. Afterwards, the project will embark on an aggressive marketing campaign.

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