Have you ever heard of multi-level marketing (MLM)? This can be one way to gain money online, but there is some risk involved in using it. Many people online say that MLM is a scam, but are they right? Don’t worry, today you will learn everything about multi-level marketing and about a new company called BTC 1 UP.

BTC 1 UP is company much like Easy 1up that lets you pay to participate in it to promote products and then win money when other people enter the company. It is a very simple scheme: you have to pay a fee in Bitcoin to enter the company and then your mission will be to recruit other people to enter in this company, which will get you more money.

The user that entered before will win money when a new user enters the programs and that is how things progress for you.

Is BTC 1 UP Paying?

It is impossible to be sure if BTC 1 UP is paying right now since the program has not really started so far. Will it pay in the future? Probably. MLM programs generally pay well at first because there is still plenty of people to enter into them and the first people who enter will get more funds. With time, though, it will probably be harder to make money using this site.

Because of this, it would be better to use this site right now if you have any interest in it. Do we recommend this site, though? Keep reading to find out.

Is BTC 1 UP Risky?

Yes, there is some risk in investing, especially because the service has not already started at the moment and you cannot be completely sure if the company is legit and it if it will be rentable at all. You could consider multi-level marketing in general as something that has a medium level of risk, but BTC 1 UP looks somewhat riskier than the average program.

Because of this, you have to be somewhat wary of this program and invest carefully if you are going to do that.

Is BTC 1 UP A Scam?

Maybe, but probably not. We cannot be 100% that BTC 1 UP is not a scam because the company, at the time of this report, had not yet started to work, so there is the possibility that is company can be a scam. On the other side, it probably is not. Most MLM companies are not scams, they have, at most, sketchy practices.

Why sketchy? Because the whole profit of many MLM companies is not made by selling a product, but because you convince other people to join so you can get their money and they will have the chance to do the same when they are inside the system. So, yes, BTC 1 UP is probably sketchy, but that does not mean that this company is necessarily a scam.

BTC 1 UP Conclusion

Is BTC 1 UP a good investment for you? Only you can say that, but we have to say that we do not encourage our readers to participate in MLM programs. Sometimes, this type of program does not end up paying very well and this specific one does not even make us completely sure that it is not a scam.

Because of this, invest in BTC 1 UP at your own risk, but remember that there are many other interesting investments out there, so why not choose them instead?

We hope that you will always invest well.

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