BTC Excel Invest

BTC Excel Invest is an online bitcoin scam that promises enormous returns with no risk required. Find out how it works today in our BTC Excel Invest review.

What Is BTC Excel Invest?

Found online at, BTC Excel Invest is a blatant bitcoin scam that promises to be “the only bitcoin investment platform that never fails.”

The website is riddled with spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, fake marketing videos, fake testimonials, absurd investment guarantees, and other major red flags. All of these things should immediately tell you that BTC Excel Invest is a scam.

Amazingly, the platform promises investment returns of 20% every hour. They claim to double your money every 5 hours. And that’s just one reason why BTC Excel Invest is an obvious scam. BTC Excel Invest also seems to offer a pyramid scheme-style structure that rewards users for referring other members to the scam.

How Does BTC Excel Invest Work?

Like most scams, the primary goal of BTC Excel Invest is to take your money and disappear. However, the “stated goal” of BTC Excel Invest is to offer a powerful investment opportunity to users. As mentioned above, BTC Excel Invest describes itself as an investment opportunity that “never fails”.

The investment promises made by BTC Excel Invest are absolutely absurd. The platform claims to offer you 20% hourly interest. In 5 hours, you can double your money.

In other words, if you give the company $1 today, you can become a millionaire simply by doubling your money every 5 hours. There’s no work, skill, risk, or experience required. It’s literally a magical money fountain.

BTC Excel Invest requires a minimum deposit of around 0.038 BTC and a maximum deposit of 1000 BTC.

How Does BTC Excel Invest Promise 20% Hourly ROI?

Obviously, a 20% hourly ROI is virtually impossible – especially with “guaranteed” investments with “no risk”. How does BTC Excel Invest claim to make that money?

The company claims to consist of a “team of traders” who are “engaged in trading on the leading trading crypto-currency exchanges and have achieved stable results and high yield.”

The only thing these traders need to be more successful is a bunch of money from you. When you give the company money, they’ll double it within 5 hours, every time. It’s just that easy.

Is BTC Excel Invest A Pyramid Scheme?

A quick Google search for BTC Excel Invest online shows that the platform also functions as a type of pyramid scheme or multilevel marketing scam. You can find reviews from people online who claim to have become rich using the platform. In reality, these people just want a cut of your affiliate commissions.

The founding team behind BTC Excel Invest claims they have “a broad experience in finance and network marketing” – so clearly, the scam has some link to pyramid schemes and multilevel marketing scams.

Who’s Behind BTC Excel Invest?

BTC Excel Invest claims to be registered with the Blue Islands Monetary Authority under CIMA License Number 88371190. The company lists an address in London.

The funny thing about the “Blue Islands Monetary Authority” is that it doesn’t exist. There’s no such thing as the Blue Islands Monetary Authority. When the company uses the acronym “CIMA”, they’re referring to the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority. There’s no evidence that BTC Excel Invest is registered with any investment authority.

Aside from that, we have no information about the company behind BTC Excel Invest. We just have an email address: [email protected]

The website appeared online in July 2017. The domain was registered in June 2017.

BTC Excel Invest Conclusion

BTC Excel Invest is a blatant bitcoin scam that promises to double your bitcoin every 2 hours. It claims to be the only bitcoin investment with no risk of failure. Not only does BTC Excel Invest make absurd promises, but the company refuses to disclose any information about itself, its investment activity, or other things you like to know about a company before giving them a bunch of money.

For all of these reasons, BTC Excel Invest is one bitcoin scam that you should absolutely avoid.

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