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There are many cryptocurrency faucets available online today that promise to help users multiply their cryptocurrency holdings. Some of these platforms are highly complex high yield investment programs that take investor capital and use it to fund aggressive ventures into volatile, fast moving markets such as the forex and stock trade markets.

Other faucets are less reputable, and function in a similar manner to Ponzi schemes. Most of these platforms work in the same way- a program launches, and offers investors the opportunity to deposit currency, which will multiply at a set rate over a given time period. At any point, an investor should hypothetically be able to withdraw their profits, and their original deposit, generating a net gain.

In many cases, however, these platforms don’t actually do any investing, and instead pay out withdrawals requested by earlier investors with the funds deposited by newer investors. For this reason, withdrawing funds at later stages of the operation of these platforms is fraught with issues. At any point, these platforms could potentially fold, with all investors losing their money.

It is possible to generate profit with these platforms. Getting in early and getting out fast is the only way to create a net return on investment- every extra day with funds sunk into a HYIP or cryptocurrency faucet is a gamble. That said, there are many investors active today that are generating large profits from these platforms.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the platform and assess its strengths and weaknesses to help you determine whether it’s worth considering.

What Is BTC Generator? is a fairly straightforward cryptocurrency faucet that provides investors with the opportunity to generate Bitcoin. The platform is completely free to use, and is currently used by a little under one thousand users.

The method of income generation used to create Bitcoin by the platform is cloud mining– investor capital is used to invest in mining, which generates a net profit for both the platform operators and investors.

How Works

The platform is extremely simple, and doesn't require users to download any software. Users simply enter their Bitcoin wallet address, and select the amount of Bitcoin that they’d like to generate. Larger amounts take longer to generate. The platform also allows users to leave feedback on the returns they’ve generated..

BTC Generator Verdict

While it’s important to exercise caution when using cryptocurrency faucets, the platform is relatively straightforward, and worth considering.

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  1. They are not paying, they just stole my money after asking to pay a transaction fee and no bitcoins has been transferred to my bitcoin wallet. They are totally scam!

  2. y’all actually paid that fee? lol. if they were legit then they could have just taken the fee from the amount you supposedly generated. duh…. jesus Christ people….

  3. Yea it seemed like a scam to me too. without a hash rate of a tetrahurt i havent found any sort of miner or fountain. I think cloudmining is the only way to go but its risky.


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