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BTC Global is a binary trading platform that promises to give you “unmatched returns” and easy profits. Find out how it works today in our review. What is BTC Global?

BTC Global describes itself as “a unique investment platform” where users can expect to enjoy “unmatched returns” through binary options trading.

The platform has a multilevel marketing-style structure: you need a referral from an existing affiliate to join the platform. BTC Global claims that it’s “exclusive” for this reason – although really, they allow anyone to join, and there aren’t a limited number of invite codes.

BTC Global launched online on September 25, 2017. The company was launched by a man named Steven Twain, who claims to have become rich through binary options trading.

Overall, BTC Global promises to pay you “guaranteed 14% weekly returns” in exchange for a $1,000 investment. If someone is paying you 14% returns every week, that means you can turn a $1,000 investment into – no joke – a whopping $910,000 within a year. That’s the power of compounding interest. It also tells us that BTC Global is 100% a scam.

Here’s what a guaranteed 14% weekly return means: if you give BTC Global $1,000 today, then they’ll turn you into a millionaire in just over a year. Right away, this should tell you that BTC Global is a scam. However, let’s take a closer look at how it works.

How Does BTC Global Work?

BTC Global promises guaranteed weekly interest rates of 14%, daily earnings, automatic reinvesting, and “complete transparency on investments.”

The world’s best hedge funds generate returns of about 20% per year. They’re backed by the world’s best traders and the most advanced trading software, and they invest in assets all over the world. So how does BTC Global claim to beat every other investment company in the world? How can they guarantee returns of 2% per day or 14% per week?

This is where BTC Global gets vague. The company doesn’t claim to offer any products or services. They don’t claim to invest in anything. Binary options are vaguely mentioned on the official website – although even the best binary options traders don’t earn 14% returns per week.

Based on everything we can see on the BTC Global website, they appear to be a Ponzi scheme or high yield investment program (HYIP). Advertising ROIs of 14% per year is unheard of – advertising ROIs of 14% per week is impossible for any legitimate business.

In addition to their Ponzi scheme investment program, BTC Global advertises a referral program. You can make money by referring other people to the platform. You earn 4% of each referred member’s investments.

Who’s Behind BTC Global?

BTC Global was created by Steven Twain, described as a “master trader” with 6 years of binary options trading experience. No other team members are listed. We don’t know where the company is based, or why they’re qualified to handle your investments.

There’s limited information about Steven Twain available online – so it’s hard to verify his claims of being a “master trader”. His Facebook profile lists his location as New York City, and claims he studied at Miami Dade College. His Facebook profile appears to exclusively focus on promoting BTC Global, and it may have been created exclusively for that purpose.

The company behind BTC Global refers to itself as BTC Financials.

BTC Global Conclusion

If someone promises to pay you 2% returns on investment every day, guaranteed, then you’re being scammed. There are no exceptions to this rule. BTC Global guarantees weekly returns of 14%, which means you would be able to turn $1,000 into $910,000 in just one year. That’s just not possible in any industry or investment product.

Making things look even worse for BTC Global is the fact that the company refuses to explain any of its investment returns. They don’t claim to invest in anything, for example, and the company offers no products or services.

Based on all of this information, BTC Global seems like a blatant scam built as a Ponzi scheme and pyramid scheme. Until the company lists more information online, we have no reason to believe it’s a legitimate opportunity.


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  1. It’s strange that you say that. I’ve invest with BTC global for a while now, and made my money back and more. Firstly the team or admin give us a detailed explanation of the investments made by the trader every week (forex and binary trades) and secondly if it were a Ponzi, how can every single member be paid at the same time every week. From my experiences with Ponzi schemes member get paid at different times and inconsistently, especially member who have been in the system for awhile. Where as early member have to wait awhile before making money. I was paid 1 week after I invest FYI. So where is the money coming from if everyone can be paid at the same time. And also they don’t say you have to recruit or refer in order to make money, it’s just an option, there are many investors who don’t refer at all and are getting paid consistently. So if you could explain that, it would be great ? 🙂

  2. “The world’s best hedge funds generate returns of about 20% per year” HA-HA-HA I laugh at this comment. Obviously you don’t know what is actually going in the market. “That’s just not possible in any industry or investment product” Obviously you don’t know what is actually going in the market. Who ever wrote this doesn’t have a clue of the % returns Globally. BTC Global is working great. My whole family has invested with Steven. Steven is a very private guy, please go google the 1000’s of traders on the market and let me know if you can find something on them. Our capital that we invested was already returned and the earnings we get every Monday is live changing. If this is a scam, they surely scammed me :), cause I’ve made my capital back and is still earning my 14% per week. Thank you Steven Twain.

  3. Some data on this is also incorrect as i have proof of it running prior to 25 September 2017.
    I have been getting my 14% returns every week and have not heard of any complaints thus far. Kindly confirm your resources.

  4. I’ve invested a $1000 dollars on the 23rd of September 2017 and since then I have received payment of 14% on my investment every Monday without any issues. Currently my investment is at $3129 and i’m earning more than $400 per week. Thank you Steven Twain!


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