What Is BTC Income?

Cloud mining companies and High Yield Investment Programs have been on the rise, seeking to grow investors’ money in the cryptocurrency world. However, not all businesses are legit. Scammers and phishing sites have infiltrated the financial space and gullible investors are losing money to fraudsters.

BTC Income Site For Earning Bitcoins Red Flags

One such company is the Btcincome.us which claims to be a young and legit bitcoin management company. The company seeks to be a leader in the cryptocurrency industry, offering a wide range of services in Bitcoin trading and Bitcoin mining.

The Company

The site has a certificate of registration displayed but a quick tap on the “verify details” tab yields no fruit. The company registration cannot be verified and its history cannot be ascertained.

No White Paper

A quick scrutiny of the site yields no whitepaper. The company talks big about returns and affiliate commissions yet there is no explanation of the activities the company is involved in to generate those returns. A good and legitimate business will take investors through their investment journey, explaining with graphs, simulations or calculations how they arrive at the returns they promise investors. Scam sites are fond of big talk with no tangible results and as a result, investors are duped.

No Professional Team

The company boasts of a competent team of professionals who have been working in the cryptocurrency industry for more than 5 years yet there are no faces attached. So far this team of elite members is anonymous.

Affiliate Commissions

Most Ponzi scams work by offering lucrative affiliate commissions to investors to increase their web of deceit. Btcincome.us is no exception as it offers an unbelievable 3-level affiliate structure for each referral to the site. If a referred customer invests $10,000 the first-generation affiliate earns $600. The amount is too good to be true and the fact that there’s no explanation how these figures are arrived at is leaves a lot to be desired.

BTC Income Conclusion

If you are looking for a legit site where you can grow your investments and earn impressive returns from your coins, it’s advisable to look elsewhere. Btcincome.us is a scam.

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