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The media industry is the latest target of blockchain technology. There are now hundreds of different initial coin offerings aiming to revolutionize the way in which content is viewed and distributed. A new startup, however, aims to function as a decentralized media suite, connecting brands, creators, and consumers around the world.

In this article, we’ll take a look a BTC Labs and find out what they’re planning to achieve.

What Is BTC Labs?

BTC Labs is a new decentralized media suite that is driven by the mission of connecting content creators, consumers, brands, and other blockchain industry participants. The BTC Labs platform is focused on assisting with the incubation of and development of decentralized network in order to ensure all stakeholders are able to retain the fair value of their work.

The minds behind BTC Labs believe that blockchain technology is set to revolutionize every major industry in the world. By assisting with the development of decentralized networks that are able to operate transparently and freely, BTC Labs intends to help create a new, more equitable economic ecosystem.

The BTC Labs platform is a venture studio that intends to create a suite of decentralized applications that work in combination with forward-leaning media companies. The team behind BTC Labs holds a significant amount of expertise in the blockchain industry, and aims to create the infrastructure necessary to assist pioneering new business models.

BTC Labs Platforms

BTC Labs currently manages three separate platforms. The first platform operated by BTC Labs is, which is intended to function as an open, shared, universal ledger that will track both ownership and attribution information for digital creative assets around the world.

The platform is intended to function as a globally verified digital asset registry that delivers a framework for creating interoperable decentralized media applications. The second platform operated by BTC Labs is MAD Network, which is a suite of decentralized applications that are focused on streamlining interconnectivity in the adtech value chain. BTC Labs.

Coincart is the final platform in the BTC Labs platform suite, and is a turn-key initial coin offering issuance platform that allows innovators to raise capital and manage investors. The Coincart platform delivers enterprise-grade infrastructure that facilitates seamless ICO execution.

BTC Labs itself is backed by Storyboard Ventures, which is the venture financing vehicle that supports it. BTC Labs will be seeded with $2 million USD in venture capital that will be used to deploy a range of promising dapps.

Storyboard ventures is managed by Jeremy Kandah, a blockchain entrepreneur that possesses a strong track record of technological innovation and a history employment with some of the largest players in the fintech and mobile communication industries.

BTC Labs Conclusion

BTC Labs is a highly promising new platform that is set to create a significant amount of change in a wide variety of industries. As the BTC Labs platform is backed up by a large amount of venture capital, it’s likely that we’ll see massive disruption from BTC Labs in future.

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