BTC Mining Factory

What Is BTC Mining Factory?

BTC Mining Factory is a new branch of Dragon Mining Tech. The new company is associated with another program called Bitcoiin which has been reviewed several times all over the internet. And the fact that Bitcoiin has already been proven to be a total scam website says a lot about BTC Mining. For example, after raising about $75 million in USD out of their own personal ICO – which also involved selling B2G tokens, the program was quickly let go of and abandoned by its founder. This is a major problem, especially considering that the site was still accepting payments and it’s owner stayed completely anonymous.

So, the main concern is can you actually succeed with BTC Mining Factory? The answer is no, it’s like Bitcoiin, another scam site that will completely rip you off. Think hard, think long before you send anything to any company online, especially ones that have anonymous people running the show.

How BTC Mining Factory Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Works

The first initial thought I have when looking at BTC mining factory is that there is no real product or service to offer, the company has no substance or value and is basically just a total and complete scam. That’s the first reason I say this is a highly suspect company to be looked at as a Ponzi Scheme operating in the name of Bitcoin Mining. The only activity that is here is an active affiliate program, meaning a small group of people will make commissions bringing in poor and hapless people. That is also the only thing the company is pushing people to promote.

When investors put money into the company, they are promised a huge return. The ROI is ridiculous, as high as 40% in just a few days. They also claim they will pay returns on a monthly basis as well as referral commissions in B2G. The affiliate structure is based on a uni-level structure where affiliates supposedly are rewarded based on how they contribute into the obvious Ponzi scheme.

BTC Mining Factory ICO

I won’t even get into the ICO because the token for BTC Mining is essentially worthless. There is nothing backing it, it’s not even built on blockchain technology.

Who Is Behind BTC Mining Factory?

Like I said before, the people behind the company are choosing to remain completely anonymous. They are also the ones behind other proven scams. This alone should be enough to make you stay clear from BTC Mining.

BTC Mining Factory Conclusion

First off, the ROIs guaranteed by the company are not realistic. There is no way a company could possibly stay afloat with such huge payouts being given out. 30 – 40% per month is extremely high, specifically when a company has nothing to back that up. They have no way to prove you can generate that high of revenue, or even a small portion of it. There is no way, shape or form to make this kind of money with the platform. And if it was that easy, everyone in the world would be investing with BTC Mining Factory.

The other issue is that the company is basically just soliciting money from everyday people with the promise of making money when in fact there is actually no way they can. The token is worthless as stated before, basically meaning that no matter how many of these tokens you accumulate – you’ll never be able to actually make money from them.

Dragon mining had no real business model to speak of, neither does BTC Mining. Like Dragon, this company will surely collapse leaving you without your entire investment. For new investors this may be hard to spot, but anyone who’ve been in the game for any amount of time can see it clearly.

The best advice I can give to you is to not participate in BTC mining in anyway shape or form. Instead, find a trusted company with coins that actually generate profit and are proven to be worth something of value. Because at this time, BTC Mining, it’s coins and everything around it will do nothing but cause you to lose out on your investment.

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