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Are you looking for the best investments, but feeling like there are too many of them to know which one is right? If you invest in High Yield Investment Programs (HYIPs), you have to be prepared not to be scammed, as there’s a high probability that this can happen to you if you don’t know the company very well.

If you are afraid of investing without knowing if you are doing the right thing, you have to gather knowledge about the situation you are getting into first. This means that you need to investigative the HYIPs before investing so you can choose a company with guaranteed results. In our blog, we help investors like you. Today, we are going to review a company called BTC Wait.

What is BTC Wait?

At the present time, we are still gathering vital information about BtcWait. Because of this, our review is going to be incomplete. If you want to read the full review, you will have to come back in a few days to read more about this company before investing in it. If you want to look for other options, you can always browse the blog for numerous investment tips.

Is Paying?

Because our analysis is not yet complete, so we are still unable to say if is paying as well as it says on its site. To be sure, you will have to wait for our final to be out and that can take a few days.

Remember that investing in a company without information can be a great mistake and lead to scams, to beware of BTC Wait while we do not have completed our review of this company.

Is BTC Wait Risky?

We can’t say if BTC Wait is risky or not and, because of this, you have to act as if this company is possibly risky and avoid investments at all costs until you hear otherwise. Be wary of new HYIPs that have no information about them on the internet. Invest in well established companies and always prefer the investments that offer no risks. Investment Plans offers its investors many options for investment:

  • 3% Daily For 100 Business Days;
  • 7 % Daily For 35 Business Days;
  • 10% Daily For 15 Business Days;
  • 800% After 40 Business Days;
  • 1800% After 70 Business Days.

BTC Wait Conclusion

We cannot vouch for Btc Wait at this exact moment, so avoid this company for now. This information might even change in the near future when the final review is out, but unless we change our mind, you should avoid Btc Wait. We hope that all of your investments are made with security and information. Good luck investing in the best HYIPs and ICOs.


  1. Do not invest. I made 2 deposits totalling 1300 usd and it didnt show up in the account with btc wait. And trust me Its not my first deposit with btc. Scam..big time. And no support responses!


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