With the rise in popularity of digital currency platforms like Bitcoin, there has been multiple attempts to integrate this currency into betting or gambling products that promise Bitcoin as a reward.

A lot of these services have become popular over time, providing users with Bitcoin rewards for taking part in games that would traditionally be played in casinos.

While there are a lot of options available, a simple solution that is focused on the rewards is something that interested parties have long been looking for.

With BTCBot, a lot of these requirements can be met. BTCBot is a platform that makes use of the popular casino game of hi-lo to distribute rewards in the form of Bitcoin.

With this platform, the development team has tried to make the process of playing for Bitcoin rewards a lot simpler, and has gone ahead with the mindset of actually trying to maximize the amount of rewards that users can get from this platform.

Also embedded are some interesting and unique features that can make playing on this platform even more rewarding, whether it is for beginners or those experienced in the field of online gambling.

BTCBOT Special Features

BTCBot deploys its platform through an easy-to-use application which can be downloaded off the website.

Instead of using a web interface, the decision to go with downloadable software is actually a smart move, as a lot of people install games in their personal computers in the form of apps, and downloadable applications provide a better layer of features and performance than applications that run out of browser windows.

The focus is also firmly on maximizing the rewards that users might earn through playing on this platform. While a lot of online gaming or gambling platforms generate very little in the way of rewards, BTCBot opens the doors for users to actually receive a substantial amount of rewards on a daily basis.

This, coupled with the ease of use of the application and the transparency of the rewards system, has already made this a popular platform for those who are interested in online gambling and receiving awards in the form of Bitcoins.

Innovative App

While a lot of incentivized online gambling platforms deploy an online interface that works straight from the browser, BTCBot has embedded the system into a premium application.

Users can choose to download a trial version of this application from the website, which gives them a chance to try the system out, get familiar with the interface and also be able to decide whether they want to purchase the full version of the application down the line.

The app itself is very simple to use, with a clean and minimalistic user interface which is focused on the game of hi-lo. By designing it well and keeping it simple, BTCBot has ensures that the focus never shifts from the game, and the thrill of gambling can always take center stage.

There are no distractions in the form of unnecessary features, and the experience is immersive.

Great Rewards

One of the most important upsides of using BTCBot is the ingenious rewards system, which can provide users with more rewards that many other alternative online platform.

Users have the option of earning up to ten times more rewards than other platform with BTCBot, and all this is facilitated with the great system of multiple rewards opportunities. These opportunities are layered in a way that is intuitive and realistic, and expertly embedded in the app ecosystem.

Users can choose to stake their Bitcoins and be able to multiple them playing hi-lo. They also have the fair chance to win jackpots of up to one Bitcoin while playing these games. There is also the option for users to qualify for the weekly jackpots, which promises big prizes.

BTCBOT Conclusion

Overall, BTCBot has the potential to become one of the best online gambling platforms with its lure of big prizes and the ease of use of the downloadable application project.

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