BTChain is an online trading platform that promises to provide safe and stable bitcoin investment solutions. Find out everything you need to know about BTChain today in our review.

What is BTChain?

BTChain is a bitcoin investment service that offers a guaranteed ROI of 3 to 6% per day for investments as little as 0.01 BTC.

Like many cryptocurrency investment platforms that have recently launched, BTChain is catering to investors who are curious about bitcoin – but don’t really know how to get started. The Manchester, UK-based company claims to be the country’s fastest-growing bitcoin investment company (based on financial year 2016/2017).

Today, the BTChain offers four different bitcoin investment plans ranging from 3.36% to 6% ROI per day. Plans come with instant accruals, and investors can withdraw their initial deposit any time from 5 days of the date of deposit.

BTChain also promises to offer bank-level security through its EV SSL. Overall, BTChain wants to give investors a risk-free way to invest in bitcoin.

Although BTChain focuses primarily on bitcoin, the platform has also branched into popular altcoins in recent months – including ETH, ZEC, DASH, and XMR.

As the official website explains, “Thanks to the extraordinary diversification of our investments, we are able to deliver steady income for our investors.”

Obviously, when a company gives you a guaranteed ROI of 6% per day, that’s a huge red flag. Few investments offer a return like that – and no investment company in their right mind would guarantee an ROI like that. We’re skeptical – but let’s take a closer look at how the platform claims to work.

How Does BTChain Work?

BTChain works in a way that sounds too good to be true: you choose one of the company’s four different investment plans, make a deposit, then sit back “while our traders make work your bitcoins” (yes, that’s the word-for-word description on the official website).

Clients are free to withdraw their deposit within 5 days of their date of deposit. Withdrawals are processed quickly and easily through the back office.

There are two ways to make money with BTChain: you can make interest daily, or make money through affiliate commissions. Users enjoy 7% referral commissions from their investments. Members don’t even need to have an active deposit to participate in the referral program.

Daily interest rates vary from 3.36% per day on the cheapest plan (minimum investment of 0.01 BTC) to 6.00% per day on the highest plan (minimum investment of 30.01 BTC). Interest is calculated every hour.

BTChain Features

Some of the key features of the BTChain platform include:

Bank Level Security:

BTChain uses EV Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protection, which guarantees insurance for all transactions and encrypts all information sent through the system.

Real-time Earnings:

BTChain will add hourly profits to investors’ account balance automatically. Investors can withdraw their money instantly every hour.

Deposit Money Anytime:

Investors can withdraw their initial deposit any time after 5 days since depositing.

5% Transaction Fees:

BTChain is extremely vague about its fee structure. However, deposits appear to be charged a 5% transaction fee “for service cost”. It’s unclear if withdrawals are subject to the same 5% transaction fee. However, a 5% fee is considered enormous in the cryptocurrency industry.

Instant Withdrawals:

BTChain claims to process withdrawal requests instantly, 24/7. There are no fees to withdraw your hourly interest. However, BTChain doesn’t list the fee for withdrawing the full amount of money in your account – including your initial deposit plus all accrued interest.

7% Affiliates Commission:

BTChain lets you earn additional income by referring your friends to the platform. If you send your friends a referral link, and they sign up through that link, then you will receive 7% referral commission on all their investments.

BTChain Investment Plans

BTChain offers four different investment plans. The more you invest, the more you can earn. Here’s how it works:

Basic Plan (3.36% ROI Per Day):


  • 0.14% ROI per hour
  • Minimum investment of 0.01 BTC
  • Maximum investment of 5 BTC

Junior Plan (3.84% ROI Per Day):


  • 0.16% ROI per hour
  • Minimum investment of 5.01 BTC
  • Maximum investment of 10 BTC

Senior Plan (4.32% ROI Per Day):

  • 0.18% ROI per hour
  • Minimum investment of 10.01 BTC
  • Maximum investment of 30 BTC

Deluxe Plan (6.00% ROI Per Day)

  • 0.25% ROI per hour
  • Minimum investment of 30.01 BTC
  • Maximum investment of 100 BTC

All of these plans claim to offer “instant withdrawals”. However, it’s unclear how BTChain’s withdrawals really work. The company lets you withdraw your initial deposit within 5 days of making the deposit, but it’s unclear how easily you can withdraw your full amount – including your initial deposit and any interest earned on your deposit.

When a company is asking you to invest an amount as large as 30 BTC, we like to see more information about the fee structure.

About BTChain

BTChain is based in Manchester. The company claims to be “the UK’s fastest growing bitcoin investment company of the financial year 2016/2017.” The company appears to have been founded in 2016, although they only moved to Manchester in 2017.

The goal of the company is to create “a safe and stable platform” while making investing as simple as possible. It wants to help people with no experience in cryptocurrency trading earn and receive a steady, secure income.

Today, BTChain is based at the following address in Manchester:

53 Fountain Street
Manchester, UK M2 2AN

You can contact the company by email at [email protected]

A quick Google search for the address listed above shows us that it’s a co-working space in downtown Manchester. That space is run by a company called Regus. That doesn’t exactly give us confidence that BTChain isn’t a scam – especially since the company claims that the address is its “headquarters”.

Conclusion: Is BTChain a Scam?

It’s hard to say whether or not BTChain is a scam. When someone promises you a fixed rate of return on your investment – especially a ROI as high as 3 or 6% per day – that’s a huge red flag. Few investments offer a rate of return that high – and no investment company would guarantee a return that high.

There’s also the problem that BTChain is weirdly vague about its membership plans and fee structure. The company vaguely mentions a 5% fee on all deposits. They’re also unclear about how you can withdraw your money: you can withdraw your initial deposit within 5 days of making the deposit, but you can’t withdraw any interest earned on top of that amount. Since there’s a 5% fee on deposits, that means you’ll just get your money back, minus 5%.

Ultimately, there are some weird issues with BTChain that make us suspicious. In addition to the lofty ROI promises, we have no information about the company’s founders or executive team. When a company is asking you to send them up to 30 BTC online, you expect to know more about where your money is going.

Overall, BTChain may be a legitimate investment service. However, you may want to wait for more information to appear online before you invest. Most signs point towards BTChain being a scam.

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  1. BTCHAIN is Scam
    They wont let me withdraw my BTC and no replies to my email requests
    Guys do not send BTCHAIN any BTC they will steal it !
    DO NOT DEPOSIT AT BTCHAIN it is 100% Scam !

  2. I made a deposit to them. Transaction is in the block chain, 103 confirmations. Nothing showing up in my BT Chain account. No response from them. Assuming it is a scam and I am out the bit coins.

  3. I sent btchain a deposit of .1 btc a week ago and its still not credited to my account. Seems like a scam they wont reply to the message I sent them. Dont use them.


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