BTGwallet Online

What Is BTGwallet?

BTGwallet is an online wallet creator that only stores data on your browser. That’s why when using this wallet, it is important to write down your cryptocurrency keys.

BTGwallet Benefits

By using the BTGwallet you enjoy the following benefits:

Open Source

This wallet is based on a JavaScript open source platform making it free to use, and easy to customize and meet your needs. This gives you full control over how this wallet serves you. Provided you have some experience in JavaScript and can write a few lines of code.

Full Access To Your Private Keys

One of the greatest risks to your digital coins is giving someone else access to your private keys. You never have to deal with these issues with BTGwallet. That’s because you are the one fully in charge of your private keys, giving you maximum protection from hackers.


With the BTGwallet online you get to enjoy maximum transparency as to how the system works when interacting with your coins. That’s because, this wallet uses a Multisig system that allows you to seamlessly interact with your digital coins when both online and offline.

Develop Your Own Projects

This is one of the greatest aspects of the BTGwallet. This wallet incorporates in it a system that allows you to create your own personalized projects. You may contribute to this aspect of this wallet’s development on GitHub.

Using BTGwallet?


The first step is to create a new address. The system uses JavaScript to create for your new addresses to help you store and later transfer your bitcoin gold. On top of that the system gives you the choice to create different types of addresses such as custom addresses, brain wallet, or an encrypted private key.

Transaction Verification

Once you have generated your addresses, the next step is to verify that them and convert them into an easy to understand format. Some of the data you can enter for verification include pubkey, raw transaction as well as wifi keys.


This step entails signing your transactions in your browser. The good about this part of this wallet is that it ensures that the company behind BTGwallet never get to see your private keys. This ensures that you are always safe from online attacks, where your bitcoin gold coins can be stolen.

Who Is Behind BTGwallet?

This wallet is a project of is open source and was started in 2013 by OutCast3k. It is funded through donations all through its stages of development. The greatest strength of is that it is incorporates privacy as a core value. Evidence to this is the fact that supports TOR. also doesn’t collect user information for any reason whatsoever.

BTGwallet Support

BTGwallet is amazing. The page has a self-service part, which saves you time. On top of that, you can always mail the support team and get help to all your queries.

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